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Depending on what type of psychotherapist you are, what you specialize in and where you want to work, everyday work and tasks in the psychotherapist profession can differ from one another. A medical psychotherapist is allowed to prescribe medication and, in contrast to a child and adolescent psychotherapist or a psychological psychotherapist, has a medical focus. As a psychotherapist, you can find employment in a wide variety of counseling or psychosomatic institutions, psychiatric clinics, research institutions or hospitals. Many psychotherapists want to become self-employed and take over or set up their own practice for psychotherapy.

In the clinical area you work in a team. You discuss with your colleagues which patients have come with which disorders, who will be discharged and who is responsible for whom. Then you start treating your patients in individual or group therapy sessions. In between or afterwards you have to document your results in order to record the progress of your patients. In the therapy sessions you work without colleagues, but in between you have to consult with them again and again. If you see your profession as a psychotherapist more in the field of research, you can work at universities, for example. There you are responsible for carrying out long-term studies in certain clinical pictures in order to possibly even gain new scientific knowledge. The results could then be published in specialist publications or be of interest to the pharmaceutical industry.

If you should start your own business, you are of course your own boss. You can give appointments to patients who have exactly the mental illness that interests you most. In your own practice you can of course decide for yourself when to work. If you work with working people or school children, your working day often doesn't start until the afternoon. After the therapy sessions you have to - as in the other areas of the psychotherapist profession - document the contents and findings of each session and also deal with the accounting of the therapy sessions, otherwise you won't get any money.