Who is Rey from Jakkus father

Who is Rey's family?

..is someone still thinking about it

she can no Have "family"?

Do you remember the flawless imagination of Anakin Skywalker's birth? He had no father, he was a being born only from the strength and love of his mother.

While it stands to reason that Rey must have a mother in order to be born, the hunt for who her father is can be a deliberate misdirection. At a time when the First Order is waging a crusade to find and destroy remaining Jedi and Jedi artifacts, this would also explain why whoever their "family" was left them on a distant planet, to hide them from "themselves".

Personal theory, pure guesswork and just to throw the cat among the pigeons:

Kylo Ren, the grandson of Anakin Skywalker, was raised with the thought of the "fate" that surrounds his lineage. Because Anakin has power not ins Has brought balance and (possibly) not Luke either, he thinks he is destined to be.

As a result, he is the star student of Luke's Jedi Academy: until Kylo is still prepubescent, another student of Luke (who could turn out to be Jyn Erso for the sake of neatness) produces a flawless baby alá Shmi Skywalker: this becomes protection the children kept relatively quiet

In the next few years, attention shifts to this new child: Until finally, as a moody older teenager, Kylo Ren basically rages and begins to indiscriminately massacre the boys of the Jedi Academy in order to exterminate the "chosen one" Anakin's Jedi Temple attacks Coruscant .

Hidden on another planet, Rey has, as in Obi-Wan tradition, appointed a guardian to look over her: possibly Lor San Tekka, who may have been Mads Mikkelson in his younger years Rogue One is depicted .

Given the 8 years between the actors, and given generosity in mind, we see that Rey will be around 5-6 years old by the time she is "relied on" on Jakku. If Kylo Ren is around 10-12 years older this would bring him to 16-18 when he turns to the dark side.

Skywalker goes into hiding, one of the few remaining people who knows whether or not Kylo Ren killed the right child, and is largely ashamed for repeating Obi-Wan's mistake of not noticing that his student is corrupting from the dark side has been.

Some of the small details (like Lor San Tekka and Jyn Erso) are long takes and an attempt to stage a cyclical narrative, but other than those elements, has anyone something concrete that completely eliminates that theory?


If Rey has a vision touching Anakin's lightsaber, part of that vision shows her as a young girl screaming at a ship that is departing while someone is towing it away.

John Smith Optional

Obviously, of course, it was abandoned ... but by whom? The emphasis on their 'family' leads us to conclude that they are of importance and therefore of prior importance in Must be Star Wars , and since all Jedi so far are mostly male, this weighs on who her father was ... but I ask if the meaning of her as a father might turn out to be not who he was, but if he was at all.


To be honest, 1 day after seeing this and thinking about the gaping plot holes and things that can "go either way" in the sequels, I think such a theory might make sense. We never find out who Luke's partner / wife is, do we? So why not the idea posted here? That's one of the reasons I didn't like this movie: it played like Star Wars: Choose Your Own Adventure.

Darrel Hoffman

I have never taken the whole "Anakin Immaculate Conception" thing literally. My theory is that his mother was just too ashamed to admit who his real father was. It may be the result of rape or other trauma that suppresses them. Such a thing would not be unlikely as a slave. That being said, it's just bad writing that we all know can be impossible. /Sarcasm