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Immediate pension for a self-determined life - Aktion Mensch

By winning an immediate pension from Aktion Mensch-Lotterie, you enjoy the financial security you need to lead a self-determined life. From the day you win, you will receive the monthly pension that you specified when you bought your ticket. In the Aktion Mensch 5-star lottery ticket, you can choose between 2,500 euros and 5,000 euros per month.

With the purchase of your ticket, however, you also enable other people to lead a self-determined life. Because Aktion Mensch makes this possible, for example, by supporting projects for people with disabilities. So that they can improve their everyday lives, achieve professional goals and make dreams come true.

Aktion Mensch supports inclusion in order to enable people with and without disabilities to coexist as a matter of course. A good 177.6 million euros were passed on to social projects and awareness-raising measures. With your lot for the immediate pension, you and many others have the chance of a self-determined life.

Immediate profit or immediate annuity? Win both!

With the 5-star ticket as a base ticket, you automatically take part in the weekly draws for instant winnings of up to one million euros. But you can also choose the chance to win the immediate pension for your ticket - either 2,500 euros or 5,000 euros per month. Then you have the chance to win both: instant win and instant annuity. And that as long as your lot is valid. Because even after you have won, your ticket will continue to take part in the draws you chose when you bought it. The winnings only go to you, as the lottery ticket is registered in your name. Not like the lottery, where the one who owns the lottery ticket wins.

What is an immediate pension?

Do you feel too young to retire? Don't worry, the immediate pension is not tied to an age limit. It is a special form of lottery winnings and is paid out to you regularly shortly after the drawing if you win - like a pension. The monthly payouts are guaranteed, in the case of the Mensch-Lottery campaign up to a total of a maximum of 1 million euros. If you are still young, you can also use the immediate pension for your later retirement age and regularly pay into a private pension plan.

Secure your pension now - with a 5 star ticket from Aktion Mensch

Buy your 5-star ticket now, choose your chance to win the immediate pension and, if you win, look forward to a carefree and secure life with guaranteed monthly payments of your immediate pension from Aktion Mensch-Lottery. Or make others happy and give them a ticket.

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