What are the best books for introverts

My book recommendations for introverted entrepreneurs

Very often I get messages asking for book recommendations on the subject of introversion and living and working as an introvert.

It's clear anyway, books are the greatest joy since childhood for the vast majority of introverts. :-)

I too like to learn from books (even if, as an online entrepreneur, I like to watch videos today and also produce some myself).

I have a list of books on the subject here. I can absolutely recommend these books. I will give you an honest opinion on every book.

I fully recommend these books on introversion

"Silent: The Importance of Introverts in a Loud World" by Susan Cain

This book is THE classic and I can absolutely recommend it. This was the first book about introverts I read in 2011 and it completely blew me away. Thanks to Susan Cain I know that I'm an introvert and not just a quirk ;-)

It is well researched, with a lot of scientific evidence and at the same time written in an understandable way. This wonderful woman wrote this book for 5 years, you can tell. So, in my opinion, an absolute basic work for everyone who is interested in the subject of introversion.

By the way, there is a great TED lecture by Susan Cain on Youtube or on the TED website.

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"The Power of Introverts: The Other Path to Happiness and Success" by Marti Olsen Laney

Another really good book by a psychologist, from which I learned a lot about the processes in the brain, nervous system and hormonal processes. Unfortunately, there are a few passages in the book that seem unnecessary to me. Somehow you can tell that the publisher probably wanted something practical in the book. (I'm a two-time book author myself and know what makes publishers tick). These parts seem a bit forced.

Otherwise a really good book to understand your own brain even better and to get clear why an introvert ticks the way you tick: D

"Convince quietly: More presence for introverts. The guide for everyday life and work"

I wrote this book, so I can definitely recommend it. :-) This is the first book (at least in German-speaking countries) that does not write ABOUT introverts, like the two previous books. It's a book FOR introverts

I had the idea for the book in 2012. I was just totally flashed by my realization that I was an introvert. And I realized that I was missing something. Because the books that existed on the subject to date were all pretty factual, profound and very serious. I felt like spicing it up a bit. Which is why I took in a lot of things from improvisational theater.

And the result is a very practical, loving and relaxed book in which you get to know yourself even better (because there are different "types" of introverts) and accept them. And you learn to use your own way to convince other people. Without any shouting or penetrance. In your very own way. The magazine Manager Seminare gave the book a top rating as a "successful overall concept"! 

Even though the book was published by Humbold Verlag in 2014, it has lost none of its topicality. So, a recommendation from me :-)

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