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The largest retail chains in Mexico are also among the largest retailers in the world, according to Global Powers of Retailing, an international sales ranking. List compiled by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu every year. This is not surprising when you consider that the Mexican economy is the 15th largest in the world as of January 2017.

Mexican retail

Overall, Mexican retail has done well compared to its global competitors.

When comparing the rankings of the largest retail chains in Mexico from 2013 to 2016, almost every company on the list improved its position. Positions are determined by comparing annual sales figures for all types of retail chains from all countries.

About two-thirds of retail sales in Mexico occur in supermarkets and supermarket chains, so it is not surprising that most of Mexico's largest retail chains are hypermarkets and hypermarkets that sell groceries. One of the most notable exceptions is the department store chain Coppel SA de CV.

The Mexican retail chain with the largest increase in the global retail ranking between 2013 and 2016 was Coppel, which rose from 217 in 2013 to 149 in 2016. Coppel is a department store that competes as Walmart de Mexico. It was considered the most likely company to buy the Suburbia chain from Walmart.

Here is a list of the largest Mexican retail chains according to the Global Powers of Retailing 2016 Report. The list is sorted by the ranking number assigned to each Mexican retailer.

Mexico's largest trading companies and chains by annual revenue

Orgnaizacion Soriana SA de CV:

Global ranking 2016 - # 133
Global Ranking 2013 - # 131
Hypermarket / Supercenter / Superstore

FEMSA Comercio, SA de CV:

Global ranking 2016 - # 125
2013 Global Ranking - # 156
Convenience / Forecourt Store

Coppel SA de CV:

Global ranking 2016 - # 149
2013 Global Ranking - # 217
Department store

El Puerto de Liverpool, SAB de CV:

Global ranking 2016 - # 175
Global Ranking 2013 - # 215
Department store

Grupo Comercial Chedraui, SA de CV:

2016 Global Ranking - # 176
2013 Global Ranking - # 196
Hypermarket / Supercenter / Superstore

Controladora Comercial Mexicana SA de CV:

2016 Global Ranking - N / A
2013 Global Ranking - # 191
Hypermarket / Supercenter / Superstore

Important facts and statistics

  • Mexico had a population of 112 million in 2015, and it had a $ 1. 26 trillion USD economy. An estimated $ 65 billion of that was in retail sales, including $ 5 billion in retail Internet sales.
  • Grocery sales in Mexico account for two-thirds of total annual retail sales, according to Euromonitor International.
  • According to ANTAD, more than 70 percent of the population consists of customers in the "high" and "middle" categories who have access to bank and retail credit cards.
  • As with most retail sectors in most countries, internet retail is the fastest growing retail channel in Mexico. The expansion of Amazon's product offerings in 2015, which was previously limited to the sale of e-books and e-reader devices, also contributed to this growth.
  • The largest retail chain in Mexico is Walmart México y Centroamérica, which is of course part of the largest retail chain in the world. Walmart is based in the United States, so it is on the largest US retail chain list, but not on the largest Mexican retailer list. Despite the size of the Walmart chain in Mexico, this is yet another proof that there is no such thing as "too big to fail". It was proven when Walmart set up its Suburbia clothing chain in Mexico for sale in 2016.
  • Walmart's reputation was marred with Mexican and American consumers in 2012 after it was revealed that the U.S. trading giant was allegedly involved in bribery of Mexican government officials. There is not a single senior Mexican or U.S. Walmart executive allegedly involved in the Walmart Mexican Bribery scandal that still works for the company today.
  • Mexican retailers face direct competition in their own country from US retail chains. Costco, Victoria's Secret, Starbucks, Burger King, McDonalds, Tasti Dlite, Cold Stone Creamery, Wendys, YUM Brands, and Baskin-Robbins are a few other U.S. retail chains doing business in Mexico.