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Do you want to work more creatively, but can't find the time? Or do you have big dreams, but are constantly working only on the goals of others? If you know these feelings, you are in good company! Many people today have great difficulty and need to find time for themselves despite all the daily demands. But there is a way out of this external determination towards more self-realization.

Self-efficacy - why it's so important

Have you ever asked a child what they would like to be later? How often have you heard of a firefighter, construction worker or movie star? They are at the top of my statistics. And how often was the answer from an investment banker, tax clerk or SEO specialist? Less, right?

The reason for this is not that these jobs are less attractive, but because we humans almost instinctively want to see that our actions are having an effect. And that is much more evident with the jobs above than with the jobs below. The children can see with their own eyes what they would do with their daily work.

I used to dream of being an excavator operator. The street in front of our house was being redeveloped. The construction site felt like it existed for a whole year and I was able to follow live every day what can be done with an excavator. In the evening I climbed around on it and took a closer look at it. With a few levers, one person could set so much in motion on their own. That fascinated me for a long time.

This great moment of seeing and experiencing the fruits of one's own work is neglected in many modern jobs and more and more people are missing in their lives. This is where creativity comes into play. It is the ultimate helper for self-efficacy. Here you become creative yourself, you shape and bring out things that did not exist before. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest reasons that interest in creative training is currently increasing explosively.

Passed out from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. - like the hamster in its wheel

At my seminars, participants often ask me: Youri, how can I find more time for the things that are really important to me? They want to bring more creativity into their life and achieve their personal goals. But everyday life catches up with her again and again.

They kick like a hamster in a cog, but they can't keep up - let alone get closer to their own goals. This creates a feeling of powerlessness. If this continues, many will begin to give up and give up hope. You feel like a victim of circumstance.

In addition, there are often fears of completely losing touch, embarrassing oneself or being marginalized. These feelings push her deeper and deeper into the role of victim. The result is a vicious circle and often there is only enough strength left to lift the index finger and point at those who seem to be to blame for the situation.

Believe me, I know what I'm talking about - I was once king of the victims! But then I took a look at the other side and found life there nicer. Let us tell you a secret: The path away from the victim to the creative creator is child's play!

Put an end to the victim role - learn self-efficacy

Some days I feel like a ping pong ball that others are pushing back and forth. Here a call, there a request. Can you write something quickly? Everything as soon as possible with an extra dose of love and care. Thats my job. But at the end of days like this, you get this feeling: Once again I haven't achieved anything and haven't come a step closer to my own goals.

In the long run this can be very frustrating and exhausting. A monotonous job or the same problems all the time without anything changing - all of this makes the game of ping pong even more intense.

The solution: If you no longer want to be a victim, you should actively take action yourself. Because the moment something drives you, you tear yourself away from the victim's existence. You are then no longer someone else's plaything. You are then effective yourself, for yourself - you feel what self-efficacy means.

The good news: You can get out of the game with a few clever tricks. All you need is a calendar.

Self-efficacy every day - time that is only yours

Do you have your calendar at hand? Well. Go mentally through your week and think about when others want something from you. Do you have children who get up at 6:30 and need your support? Do you have to be at work at 8 a.m. yourself? We want to find out when others will be able to dispose of your time on a daily basis. Or let's put it more positively without my longing for independence: When do you start putting your time at the service of other people?

We don't downplay that because we all want to be productive members of our society and create value for others. If you also have a job that fills your life with meaning, this is the greatest gift par excellence.

Creating value for others and creating meaning for you in a job - that is the absolute formula for a fulfilled life!

Unfortunately, many of us still work primarily for the roof over our head and the lining in our stomach. Joy, fun and meaning only partially take place and tend to shift to leisure time.

We don't want to leave that to chance any longer! Therefore I ask you now to look for an hour in your daily routine at the beginning, where nobody will disturb you. Whether in the evening, in the middle of the day or early in the morning. For example, I like to get up at 5:30 a.m. None of my customers are awake at the time. Nobody calls, I still allow the e-mail program. The first two hours of the day are just mine. I spend it doing the things that are important to me.

For example, this blog article was created before sunrise. There is a huge to-do list next to me, but it won't be on until 8 a.m. When I'm not writing a book, I fill the time with meditation, reading, further education or song compositions. I even started drawing recently. I've always wanted to try that, but never found the time. All of this is now on my agenda with priority 1 in the morning. I also invite you to do this. This time is only yours. It feels wonderful and has a really blatant effect that lasts all day!

The magic of small steps - self-effective and productive

Yes, the first few days require a bit of effort to get out of bed in the morning. But your body gets used to it quickly. After just a few days you will become addicted to your personal and productive hours. You get up and know: Great, now I can only do what I'm really up for! And now don't say: sleep in. Because remember, it's about being active and not a hollow plaything!

If you feel too tired, just go to sleep early. In my experience, nothing useful happens in the evening after 9 p.m. - unless you put your time in this area for yourself. I prefer the morning because then my head is still unloaded from the day and I simply have more energy. It's best to try out what works best for you. Maybe you work part-time and can even put your smartphone in flight mode for an hour at lunchtime.

The point of this whole exercise: you do something every day for yourself and your personal goals. A little bit every day. That is the magic of the small steps that can easily result in huge jumps in the long run. You also have more energy in everyday life because you go out into the world with the good feeling that you have already done something for yourself today. This strengthens you and with it you are also a more valuable help to others. You come into your balance and are calmer because you no longer have to fight for the time for yourself. In addition, you will learn to deal with blockages and setbacks more easily and more optimistically. You know: if it doesn't work out so well today, not so bad! Tomorrow at the same time I'll be sitting here again and making a new attempt. What I can't do today, I'll do better tomorrow!

Over time you will become a creator and designer. You take time for your most important things every day and take the helm of your life into your own hands. Every day you feel: I have an effect.

Sport - the bonus tip for full booming self-efficacy

If you want to experience a really strong sense of self-efficacy, you can do that in another place besides your personal hours: during sport! You have full influence on your body. Only you are responsible for it. Do you want a sexy bottom, a flat stomach or strong arms? Then get active and get started.

Hardly any other activity gives you such a strong feeling of self-efficacy as working on your own body. If you invest a little time and energy several times a week, you will already see after a few months how big an impact your little deeds are having. These results, in turn, motivate you to stay on the ball. You are no longer in the vicious circle of a victim, but in the constant upward spiral of a Creator!

Conclusion: the positive side effects of your being a creator

If you do something every morning that is important for you and your happiness, then you have already won the day. No matter what else happens - you have come a little closer to your goals. This motivates you and also brings you a good portion of self-confidence in the long run.

I am convinced that if everyone invested this time in themselves, we would all be much happier, more balanced and also more generous in our dealings with one another.