Why are Cohiba Maduro cigars so special

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1. Cohiba Robusto

The sound of the name "Cohiba" alone makes the hearts of many cigar lovers beat faster. The most renowned of all Cuban tobacco houses has been able to deliver the best premium quality to its customers all over the world for 50 years now. With the Cohiba Robusto you have to do with the parade format, because the Robusto format is one of the most common smoke formats in the world of smokable enjoyment. Prepare yourself for an aroma tour lasting about 45 minutes with fine, mild earthy tones, subtle, pleasant spice, light sweetness and nuances of wonderful cocoa and dried fruits. Cohiba Robustos - exquisite Cuban enjoyment with a touch of luxury that you can enjoy in the cigar lounges in our Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin in Stuttgart and our Steigenberger Parkhotel in Düsseldorf!

2. Montecristo No. 2

The Montecristo No. 2 was already able to convince the strict jury of the generally recognized cigar magazine CigarAficionado four years ago and was thus named Cigar of the Year 2013. The beautiful Cuban woman in the sensational torpedo format awaits with fresh, earthy and comfortably sweet-spicy aromas, which are carried to the gourmet palate by her extremely creamy smoke. Take a good hour and let this fantastically crafted masterpiece accompany you on a journey of pleasure that will satisfy both mind and soul! This works best in the cigar lounges in the Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin in Stuttgart and our Steigenberger Parkhotel in Düsseldorf.

3. Oliva Melanio Figurado

Premium quality from the land of a thousand volcanoes - Nicaragua. The medium-bodied Oliva Melanio Figurado is perfect for special occasions. In the exciting torpedo format it cuts a particularly beautiful figure. In addition, it is a so-called box-pressed cigar, so it has the typical angular shape. The fine and medium-bodied Nicaraguan woman is also extravagant in her balanced and rounded aroma development, which shows itself harmoniously with clear notes of coffee, cocoa, colored pepper and cedarwood. This sensual flavor composition is underlaid with an ever-present sweetness. So it is absolutely not surprising that this cigar work of art was voted number one of the top 25 cigars by the CigarAficionado trade magazine in 2014 with an astronomical 96 points. Order the cigar conveniently online at Noblego and enjoy it on your terrace or balcony.

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4. Ashton ESG 22 Salute

Outwardly a feast for the eyes par excellence with its unparalleled sun-ripened wrapper from the Dominican Republic, which has a noticeably silky, oily shimmering sheen. A cigar of the absolute premium class, which is considered a Puro, as all tobaccos that are processed in it come from the Dominican Republic. Its gentle, very creamy smoke unfolds the intense aromas of cedar wood and leather, surrounded by sweet notes and an unobtrusive spiciness of pepper. The Ashton ESG 22 Salute remains consistently in the medium strength segment and has the perfect properties in technical matters such as draft behavior and burn, which connoisseurs can of course expect from a premium cigar.

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5. My Father Le Bijou 1922 Torpedo Box Pressed

The fantastic 97 points from CigarAficionado magazine in 2015 actually say everything about this absolute tobacco masterpiece from My Father Cigars, based in Nicaragua. It would hardly be worth mentioning that this meant first place among 25 cigars to be assessed. The Le Bijou 1922 Torpedo is also a box pressed cigar, cigars of this type are pressed into a square, briquette-like shape during the manufacturing process. This shape greatly favors the behavior during draft and burn-off. At the start of smoking, the "pure-bred" Nicaraguan woman reveals proper notes of pepper, which, however, clearly fade into the background in the course of the process. Instead, there are gentle floral and fruity notes that combine with a pleasant sweetness and impressive coffee and roasted aromas to create a thoroughly rounded smoking experience. If you have to have enjoyed a cigar in your life, it is probably the impressive Le Bijou 1922 Torpedo Box Pressed!

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6. Drew Estate League Privada No. 9 Corona Doble

The tobacco company Drew Estate from Nicaragua stands for uncompromising top quality in all aspects of the cigar manufacturing process. You can see the Drew Estate Liga Privada No. 9 Corona Doble at first sight. It is the best cigar in the world, if you are to believe the words of CEO Steve Saka. With a proud 94 points, the impressive vitola from tropical Nicaragua also took a top position among the top 10 cigars of 2015 (CigarAficionado magazine). The emerging aromas are so diverse, numerous and complex that it would almost go beyond the scope at this point to list them all. This is due to the extraordinary blend that has been chosen for these small works of art. The unique Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper adorns the smokable delicacy and impresses with a wonderfully shimmering silky sheen. A robust Mata Fina holds the exciting insert together, which consists of rare premium tobacco from the Dominican Republic and Honduras. This cigar promises absolute pleasure, for which you should take enough time to experience the magic of the cigar creation from the discerning company Drew Estate in peace and quiet.

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7. Padron Series 1926 80th Anniversary Perfecto Maduro

When you celebrate your 80th company anniversary, you want to celebrate this event with something particularly precious. So at Padron Cigars they dug deep into their "bag of tricks" and created one of the most impressive cigars that has been enjoyed on our beautiful earth so far. The more than successful result is the Padron series 1926 80th Anniversary Perfecto Maduro. In terms of suppleness, this Maduro cigar in the elegant Perfecto format, made with the finest Nicaraguan tobacco products, is hard to beat. Admittedly, this cigar is in the upper segment in terms of price, but it has so much to offer in terms of aroma development that you should definitely treat yourself to this pleasure once.

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8. Partagas Series E No. 2

The traditional house Partagas in Cuba is known for full-bodied, strong cigars, filled with wonderfully clear aromas that only contain top-quality Cuban tobacco. With regard to the development of aromas, the Partagas series E No. 2 his siblings from the house of the same name wholeheartedly. It is their constant mildness that makes the difference to the usual series of the renowned tobacco manufacturer. Thus, this beautiful Cuban woman offers a medium-strength smoking experience, with clearly burgeoning wood and caramel notes paired with aptly balanced flavor. Its velvety, creamy smoke lays like balm on the palate and ensures true elation in the pleasure center of the connoisseur.

This cigar should be particularly recommended to all those who have not yet had any experience with Cuban cigars. No other Cuban woman offers a better entry into the special world of pleasure with Caribbean flair than the Partagas Series E No. 2.

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9. Davidoff Grand Cru No. 2

With the Davidoff Grand Cru No. 2 is linked to a legendary series from 1946 at Oettinger-Davidoff. These are the legendary Chateau cigars, the first blend by Zino Davidoff. The Grand Cru No. 2 is made in a slightly larger Corona format and thus develops a very harmonious and aromatic taste. The ligero leaves, i.e. the top and richest parts of the tobacco plants, were mostly used for the filler. True connoisseurs consider this vitola to be the best Davidoff cigar of all time. Their perfect external appearance suggests a thoroughly professional workmanship, an indication that you can generally rely on with cigars from Davidoff. Due to its everlasting mildness, the Grand Cru No. 2 by Davidoff also offers the newcomer to cigars as the perfect introduction to the world of premium cigars. The cigar lounges in the Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin in Stuttgart and our Steigenberger Parkhotel in Düsseldorf are ideal places for the world of premium cigars.

10. Griffin's Piramides

As majestic as the imposing mythical animal griffin, which is emblazoned on the belly band of this elegant cigar in Piramides format, the Griffin‘s Piramides appears. It is a particularly mild cigar, equipped with the finest inlay tobacco from the Dominican Republic. Your wrapper is a high quality Connecticut shade from Ecuador. The Griffin‘s Piramides aroma moves between fresh coffee and cedarwood notes, ensnared by a touch of pleasant vanilla. Towards the finale, the graceful Dominican surprises with wonderful touches of nutty nature. It has everything a true connoisseur expects from a premium cigar and is ideal for beginners who also want to enjoy a really fine and balanced cigar.

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