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Even the hardest shell has a soft core. While the majority of the staff of the rap gang Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All are responsible for the rough entertainment, crew crooner Frank Ocean with a soul voice and delicate vibes provides the gentle moments of Odd Future creation.

Frank Ocean grew up in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina forced him to leave his home in 2005. He pitched his tents in Los Angeles and, like many other talented people before him, cherished the dream of a career as a rap and R'n'B artist.

Christopher Breaux aka Frank Ocean has a soulful voice and the right nose for distinctive songwriting. Word of his talent spread quickly, and so he made first contacts with the high society of the industry.

He diligently writes songs that ultimately land on the tables of such illustrious greats as Brandy, John Legend and Justin Bieber. Top producer Tricky Stewart takes him on and helps him sign a contract with Def Jam. But somehow the renowned hip hop label is not really getting going when it comes to working with Breaux. The good guy is annoyed, joins the rap gang Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All in protest and takes things into his own hands from then on.

Christopher Breaux is now called Frank Ocean and is getting to work on his first mixtape. Frank uploaded "Nostalgia, Ultra" to iTunes in February 2011 without a big promotional spectacle. He puts it under the heading Bluegrass as well as under Death Metal: "I don't care what people think. I wanted to express that I am open to everything and not subordinate to any genre"says the rapper, singer and singer / songwriter.

Frank receives tons of positive reviews, which further increase his level of awareness. In April 2011 he appeared on stage for the first time with Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Two months later he goes on a one-week tour with the rap hooligans before his first single "Novacane" is released at the end of May. The number is in the air and Ocean is back in mid-October with "Swim Good", the second single.

His debut album was released in July 2012, but at the beginning of the month Ocean made international headlines with an open letter on Tumblr that was originally intended as a booklet for "Channel Orange". In this letter the artist speaks openly about his sexuality.

He explains his experiences in the summer of 2006, when he fell in love with a man of the same age at the age of 19. Ocean is said to later call this man his first great love, but in these summer months his feelings are insidious and hopeless. His boyfriend at the time does not return his love, but Ocean questions his relationship with women. He calls his memories "a language I didn't understand yet."

The openness to his bisexuality is making some waves inside and outside the hip-hop community. Colleagues like Tyler The Creator or 50 Cent comment positively on the young artist's courage. Russell Simmons wrote a short congratulatory article to Ocean for the Global Grind website and describes his admission as "a great day for hip hop music".

Outing Oceans provides a "Paradigm shift"because he is the first relevant and successful representative of the hip-hop genre to come out.

The concentrated media attention is now on the young artist, but printing presses diamonds. With "Channel Orange", Frank creates a modern classic and has received six Grammy nominations, among other things. He takes the coveted award to Los Angeles for the best urban contemporary album.

More than four years should pass before there is any musical news. At the beginning of July 2016, Ocean will set up a countdown on its website, which will probably announce the release of its second record. For the sake of conceptual symmetry, the successor should also appear in the hot, seventh month, but July passes without a release.

At the beginning of August 2016, the date was finally set and Frank thanks his patient fans: On his own website he announced that the record would come with a "major video"as well as a print magazine and it's called" Boys Don't Cry ". The record will be released on August 20th, but will be called" Blonde ". Nevertheless, it gets enthusiastic reviews.