How do people get through difficult times

5 tips to get out of difficult phases in life strengthened

Changing our attitudes can help us get through difficult times in our lives. We'll give you the best tips on how to get a new perspective on unchangeable situations.

Sometimes things really go like clockwork. Life rolls out the red carpet for us. And all we have to do is step over it and wave in a friendly manner. Sometimes the carpet leads over somewhat uneven paths. But that's ok.

Because that's what everyday challenges look like. They are not exactly sexy, but we know how to deliberately circumnavigate them or step over them without stumbling. Sometimes that takes a little effort. But over time we learn to deal with it.

And then there are these moments. Our way leads us straight across a mountain range. Himalayan extent. We are afraid of heights and are not free from vertigo. And never get set foot in front of the next.

Life rushes on. But we just stop. There are these moments. An accident, an illness. The unexpected death of a loved one. A huge disappointment, the end of great love.

In the course of our lives, these situations are somehow part of it. It's the most painful moments. Especially because they are so immutable. That's why we want to give you some tips on how you can survive such times more easily.

Changing Attitudes: How to Get Through Troubled Times

At the very beginning, one thing is particularly important: take time for all of your feelings. Don't push it away, just allow it. Whatever it is in your situation: cry, scream. Be sad, be passive, be angry. But feel your emotions.

It sounds terribly trite, but time heals wounds. Maybe not completely. But the negative feelings will definitely decrease after a while. And it is easier to have clear thoughts again.

Accept the situation as it is

Sooner or later you will get to the point where you can make up your mind. Do you crawl into your bed and categorically switch off the outside world? Or do you accept the situation as it is?

That doesn't mean that you have to oppose it with all your might. But try to accept it bit by bit. In the beginning it may be strange. However, you should slowly change your mindset.

And we promise you: There is still a place out there for you. Even with lovesickness or great sadness. With the feeling of not being enough or of not knowing how to proceed.

Let go of what is pulling you down

There is such a great feeling: "If you let go, you have both hands free." Therefore it is now time to get rid of your old baggage. That way you get into action right away. And that also helps to get things going.

If you've just had a painful breakup, it's time to clear out. Throw his things out, remove shared pictures and memories. It doesn't have to land in the garbage can right away. The musty cellar is enough.

Have you just lost your supposed dream job? Then don't doubt yourself, but draw a clean line. Remove your old diaries and make space for a new chapter in your life.

Change attitude: take responsibility

Here is a message that is liberating and frightening at the same time: You are in control of your life. This also includes your attitudes and feelings. Because what we are is the result of what we thought.

We think and evaluate constantly. Every situation, every person. Just everything that happens around us. Our thoughts create feelings. Every time! So if we have one really shitty thought, then we feel bad afterwards.

That adds up and, in the long term, this gives rise to our attitudes and expectations of life. Let's just think positively. By the way, you can easily train that, like a muscle. :)

Learn from the unchangeable situations

We stick to true but cheesy calendar sayings: "Everything happens for a reason." - Even if it's hard to imagine. The greatest challenges and painful experiences offer the most potential for us.

They make us grow and mature. And we should use them to learn the right lessons for ourselves. I recently heard a great podcast where a woman talks about the painful loss of her parents in young adulthood.

She says that she learned from this how to live her life. So right. She doesn't postpone anything and lives in the here and now. Takes all risks and is not afraid. Impressive, isn't it? If you have a loss to cope with at the moment, listen to this one.

Change your point of view

Changing your mindset also means adopting a different perspective. It's perfectly okay to be sad or angry. But too often we forget all the positive things in our life.

And everything has two sides. An illness teaches you to take care of your body more consciously. The death of a loved one shows that life is too short to fret over banality.

So practice gratitude for all you have. Your friends, your passions. Be present in the here and now. And make life the way you would like to live it. Every painful experience is the chance for something really great and new. :)

Our conclusion:

If we change our attitude, we can better cope with bad experiences. It is important to take enough time to give space to all emotions. And then to look ahead again. Because everything will be fine. Certainly. :)