What is the cause of betrayal?

Classic: 05: Betrayal of TKKG

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Is Gaby a thief? How could she have come under false suspicion? Who wants to drive a wedge into the friendship of the four detectives? Together with Tim, Karl, Klößchen and Gaby, you search the city for the real cause of the evil slander. And you're in the middle of an exciting case in which missing dogs, a suspicion of animal cruelty and a strange secret passage play a role ...

Press description

Gaby is desperate. She is accused of shoplifting. How could she have come under the wrong suspicion? Whose account is this vicious defamation going to? What about the missing dogs and what about the secret passage? Tim, Karl, Klößchen and Gaby are investigating on their own again. A tricky case awaits the four friends in which animal cruelty also plays a role. The player goes on a search for clues with TKKG, tries to get to the bottom of the puzzle and before he knows it, he and TKKG find themselves back in an exciting case.


  • The TKKG CD-ROMs are completely new detective stories, written exclusively for the interactive medium
  • The player alternately slips into the role of one of the four children and goes on a search for clues
  • By interviewing witnesses, obtaining evidence and combining them logically, the player can track down the perpetrator
  • In a particularly exciting final game, the criminal has to be found
  • In German and English

System requirements

WIN: 3.x / 95/98 / ME / NT / XP (administrator), 486 PC, 8 MB RAM, SVGA graphics card (from 256 colors), sound card, CD-ROM drive (double speed)

MAC: Mac OS 7.1 - X (Classic), 8 MB RAM, sound card, CD-ROM drive (double speed)