Can bees fly at night


We often have wasps in the apartment - why?
How can you keep wasps out of the apartment?


  • atdaylight

    Wasps are hunters and spend the whole day looking for something to eat. For this purpose, the environment is searched in flight, actually scanned in zigzag flight.
    Of course, it can happen that a wasp gets into the apartment on its prey, through an open door or the window.
    If there is nothing to eat, the wasp leaves the room very quickly. Attention should be paid to departure options (wide open window / door). The wasp won't come back.
    If the wasp doesn't find out by itself, you can catch it at the window with a glass and a piece of paper and take it outside.
    - The glass is put over the wasp.
    - The piece of paper is pushed under the glass opening so that the wasp is caught in the glass.
    - Simply hold out the glass with the wasp at the open window and remove the paper.
    - The wasp is about to fly out of the jar and quickly disappear.


  • in theLate summer:
    August to October -
    here only the Workers of the German and the common wasp ...

    - the bakery display with sweet pieces of coffee.
    - freshly baked cake, boiling down jam
    - Breakfast table with jam bread and boiled ham.
    If a wasp finds a productive "Food source", she memorizes the location well, flies back to the people and distributes the" sweet prey. "In contrast to the bees, wasps cannot communicate with each other and thus inform the tribesmen of the source of food.
    After the meal is distributed in the state, the wasp flies back to the bakery. Another worker follows her tribal mate, who ends up on a piece of sugar in the bakery after about 20 minutes. But now there are already two wasps licking the display. Quite a few wasps can be found during the day.

    Business: A pest controller called in scans the bakery display with a special UV lamp with adhesive tape on the underside.
    The wasps fly into the UV light as if drawn to a vacuum cleaner and stick to the sticky underside. After such a treatment, the supply flight to the wasp's nest and the bakery is interrupted immediately. Until the next wasp comes across the sweet goods, it takes some time and there is a bit of calm in the bakery display.
    In the private household you can banish wasps from the room with simple means:
    - Attach mosquito nets to windows and balcony doors.
    - Attaching strings of pearls or flutter tapes to balcony or patio doors


  • atDarkness

    Wasps no longer fly after dark.
    If a wasp is found with the window open and the apartment lit, it can only be the largest species of wasp - the hornet. Hornets also fly at night.
    Hornets in particular cannot withstand the light from neon lamps and halogen spotlights. Many other nocturnal insects can also be found at such light sources. Attracted by the "Light smog"The animals fly around the lamp until they are exhausted and can no longer detach themselves from it ...


  • If a hornet is already in the room and is circling the lamp, switch off the light source. The hornet doesn't want to stay in your room. She has to prey and take care of the nest. After a few minutes the hornet will reorient itself and leave the room through the open window.

  • Insect screens on balcony doors and windows keep uninvited insects out of the apartment. Ventilation openings and shafts for z. B .. Baths should not be forgotten here;

  • Attaching strings of pearls or fluttering tapes to balcony or patio doors

  • Should be for a long time(> 10 minutes) illuminate the room, close the window and / or the balcony door beforehand.