What are the top private equity firms

Private equity: These are the largest companies in the industry

Almost 600 billion US dollars in raised capital, more than 3,500 different funds on the market and over 5,000 completed buyout deals - the data from the Preqin platform on the private equity industry shows that last year was also one of the last for the sector better variety. Companies performed solidly despite strong market valuations and initial macro concerns. Capital was raised, takeovers completed - not at a record level, but at a high level.

The enormous fire power of companies is often under the radar in public. The reasons for this are diverse. Above all, private equity companies still have the bland aftertaste that they squeeze out acquired companies and then sell them off again at a profit. A study by the Havard Business School showed a more differentiated picture and attested that the companies did a good job. But the term locusts, coined by Franz M√ľntefering in 2005, is still buzzing in the public's minds. On the other hand, the names behind the alleged grasshoppers are less present - these are the five largest private equity companies in the world.

# 5 Warburg Pincus

The beginnings of the investment company, which was founded in New York in 1939, go back to the German Warburg banking family from Hamburg; the American Lionel Pincus took over the business in 1965 and led the company to success until 2002. Over the past five years, Warburg Pincus has raised over $ 36 billion in capital. The New Yorkers were recently just ahead of their Boston competitor Bain Capital in fifth place among the largest private equity companies.

Warburg Pincus manages over $ 83 billion in 19 different private equity funds. In Germany, the company is involved in Inexio and in the web hosting division of 1 & 1 - Greetings from Marcell Davis.

# 4 CVC Capital Partners

Come in and find out - this is how the German perfumery Douglas once recruited its customers more or less successfully. The private equity company CVC Capital Partners, which has been involved in the German industry leader since 2015, tried to make this faux pas forgotten as part of its investment. Recently, CVC even decided not to inject any more money for Douglas during the corona crisis. CVC has been very successful in this for years.

The only non-American company in the top five private equity firms comes from London. CVC Capital Partners therefore focuses primarily on Europe and the American continent. The other three strategies target Asia, Growth Partners, and Strategic Opportunities. In numbers this means: CVC raised $ 47 billion in capital for private equity investments in the last five years and managed a total of almost $ 135 billion in its funds last year.

# 3 KKR

The holding company Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co, founded in 1976, recently caused a stir in Germany - because the company bought five percent of the shares from the German private broadcaster conglomerate ProSiebenSat.1. At the same time, KKR also acquired the majority in the hair care company Wella - albeit for the private equity business. With this, the American holding company in Germany received some attention again.

That said, KKR has raised nearly $ 48 billion in capital for its funds over the past five years. Overall, the company managed assets valued at $ 218 billion at the end of last year. After it was founded in 1984, it took KKR eight years to place a fund with a volume of over a billion dollars for the first time. Since then, co-founders Henry Kravis and George R. Roberts have pushed the company up a notch.

# 2 The Carlyle Group

The influence of the American Carlyle Group is clear from the fact that the company was advised by a former US president for many years. George H. W. Bush advised the Asian branch of the Carlyle Group at the turn of the millennium. Since then, the Washington D.C. done a lot.

In the first quarter of this year, total assets under management fell to around $ 217 billion, which are now invested in more than 350 investment vehicles. In the past five years, the Carlyle Group raised almost 64 billion dollars in capital for its products - because of this, the company was overtaken in the ranking at the end of last year. Nevertheless, the company was involved in prominent brands, such as the Italian fashion brand Moncler, the Getty Images photo agency and the hotel chain B&B.

# 1 Blackstone

After last year, Blackstone climbed to number one in the list of largest private equity firms - because the company raised over $ 82 billion in capital over the past five years. Total assets under management after the first quarter of this year were $ 538 billion, 175 of which are in private equity investments. Other lines of business for the company include real estate, insurance, and hedge funds.

The company's top private equity investments range from finance to roller coasters. The latter are the business model of the amusement park operator Merlin Entertainments, while finance is the hobbyhorse of the data provider Refinitiv.