Why did Snapchat hire you

Activate Snapchat filter and use functions correctly: Tips for Messenger

Snapchat updates the app regularly. In addition to new Snapchat filters, other new functions are often added - you quickly lose track of things. Here are some exciting options.

Snap Map

Snap Map lets you customize your Tell friends where you took a pictureby sharing your location. By zooming in on the map to a few meters, other users can see exactly where you are - as long as you are using the Snapchat app, of course. The other way around, you can see the current whereabouts of your friends on a world map, provided they have activated the display.

A “ghost mode” lets you browse the map undetected. You can also post events on the Snap Map.

This is how you use the card

To use the map, just go to camera mode and swipe down from the top. The Snap Map opens with an introduction where you can make initial settings.

Important: Once you have activated location sharing for your friends, it can quickly happen that you unintentionally reveal your whereabouts. The location is automatically updated every time the app is opened.

Link with the paperclip

The option called Paperclip offers you the option of using the small paperclip symbol in the editing view behind your contentfurther link to lay. This is useful, for example, to refer to your homepage.