Which markets will smartphones inadvertently destroy?

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Consumers in Germany let their digital lifestyle cost something: since the market launch of smartphones in 2007, they have spent 5.2 billion euros to have their defective devices repaired or to replace them with new ones. This is the result of a survey of more than 13,000 smartphone owners in Europe. The total is made up of the costs for repairs, replacement devices and insurance contributions that the consumer has to bear.

According to the results of the study, almost every third smartphone owner (29 percent) accidentally destroyed their device in the past two years alone. The causes for the defects are as diverse as our everyday life. Some leave their cell phone on the car roof and drive off (9 percent), others accidentally sink it into the toilet (12 percent), drop it or step on it. 9 percent state that they have accidentally put their smartphone in the washing machine with an item of clothing, a further 9 percent currently use a mobile phone with a defective display.

According to our study, consumers in Germany have so far spent almost 750 million euros a year on repairing or replacing a defective cell phone. In the past two years alone, almost every third smartphone in Germany broke or suffered another defect an immense economic damage, "said Kevin Gillan, Managing Director Europe at SquareTrade.

It seems that younger users in particular are relatively carefree with their smartphones. The study shows that for people younger than 45 years of age, the probability of cell phone damage is 119 percent higher than for older people.

The most common causes of smartphone defects in Germany include:

  • The smartphone gets to know the toilet

  • The phone falls when driving away from the roof of the car

  • The washing machine cleaned the smartphone thoroughly - and made it unusable

  • The smartphone fell victim to enthusiasm or anger at a sporting event

By the way: Almost every second smartphone accident (46 percent) happens at home. And almost every fourth damage (23 percent) is caused by someone other than the owner. Liquids account for 12 percent of all damage, 88 percent of which is water damage.