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Werewolves (Werewolves) are a supernatural type of shapeshifter and the predominant main characters in the Teen Wolf universe.

Types of werewolves[Edit | Edit source]

There are three known types of werewolves in Teen Wolf mythology.

alpha[Edit | Edit source]

An alpha is the leader of a pack of werewolves. He is the strongest, most powerful and therefore most dangerous of the werewolves. (Former alphas can retain their strength after they become betas, see Derek Hale). The eye color is red. The more werewolves there are in his pack, the stronger he is. E.g. Deucalion.

Become alpha [edit | Edit source]

  • A Beta or Omega can become an Alpha by killing the Alpha that transformed him / her or killing a family member who is an Alpha.
  • A Beta or Omega can get its name through strength of character or sheer willpower true alpha wear and become an alpha.

Special skills Edit source]

  • An alpha bite can turn a human into a werewolf. The bite usually only has two results: either you transform or you die.
  • Even a deep scratch from an alpha can transform you.
  • Bites, scratches, and other wounds caused by an Alpha don't heal as quickly as other injuries.
  • Werewolves can take memories, instill, or invade their minds by inserting their claws into the neck / spinal cord of an indefinite person. This procedure is normally only performed by alphas.

beta[Edit | Edit source]

Betas are members of a pack and because of this cohesion they are stronger than omegas.

It seems that betas don't have any other special abilities than the ones mentioned above. You have golden yellow or light blue eyes. You only get blue eyes, however, if you have stolen the life of an innocent person (those who have not killed anyone are called innocent). Betas can also become omegas again if you voluntarily leave the pack, are banned or are the last survivor of a pack that has been killed or exterminated.

Beta will [edit | Edit source]

To become a beta one has to be bitten by an alpha and accepted into the pack. Or you're born one (werewolf, beta).

omega[Edit | Edit source]

An omega is that "lone wolf", he exists without a pack and alpha.

They all have the above properties, but they are weaker than alphas or betas because they are not part of a pack. Omegas, contact with the alpha is often forbidden or abhorred by the betas.

Omega will [edit | Edit source]

Werewolves can become an omega if they voluntarily leave or are forced to leave the pack, or if they are the last survivor of an exterminated pack. An Omega can still join a pack again. This will prove difficult as many packs do not want to ingest omegas.

Note: Both betas and omegas show different qualifications based on experience, which makes a direct comparison, the superiority, difficult.

Lion man[Edit | Edit source]

Lion people are made up of a werewolf and a lion's share. They probably organize themselves in a similar way to werewolves, i.e. in a pack structure. They can also be combated with mountain ash. In the legend of the lion man, it is a cross between man and lion. Traces of these features were found in German caves in the form of ivory sculptures.
The only one known of this type is Mr. Garrett Douglas.

Other kinds[Edit | Edit source]

Besides werewolves there are also Werkojoten (Malia Tate) and Werjaguare (also called Balam (Kate Argent)).

Look[Edit | Edit source]

Werewolves usually appear in human form and can transform into a wolf-like creature with increased hair growth, fangs and shining eyes, walking on two legs. The werewolf, also known as the lycanthrope or the lycan wolf, is stronger and faster than a normal wolf and has a kind of urge to transform on a full moon, but experienced werewolves can withstand this urge. This process is called transformation.

While most werewolves transform into an "almost human" form, Laura Hale, her mother Talia Hale and later Derek Hale were able to transform into real wolves. Werewolves who have this ability are often considered wise and powerful, and Peter Hale even took the form of a gigantic wolf-like creature.

The Alpha Twins can fuse into one large creature that is larger than normal but retains its human appearance.

Eye color[Edit | Edit source]

  • Alpha eyes glow red.
  • Yellow is the standard eye color for betas and omegas.
  • However, some betas also have blue eyes, which means that they have taken an innocent life (example: Derek Hale) those who have not killed anyone are called innocent.
  • Werkojoten also have yellow eyes.
  • The Werjaguar's eyes are green
  • Hellhound's is a mix of red and orange.

Skills[Edit | Edit source]

  • Strengthened senses: Werewolves can smell and hear better than humans. You can also see in the dark.
  • Accelerated healing: Werewolf injuries heal faster.
  • Improved agility: Werewolves can jump higher, climb better, run faster and react faster than humans.
  • Increased strength: Werewolves are much stronger than humans
  • .
  • Transmission of pain: Werewolves can relieve or absorb pain from other people or creatures. (Example: Scott McCall)
  • Thought transference: Werewolves can take or instill memories by inserting their claws into the neck / spinal cord of an undetermined person.
Note: These abilities are common in all three types of werewolves (apart from thought transmission, which only Alphas can master). Even in human form, they have all of these properties. Some werewolves show their abilities to sense illness, in some cases even the onset of an epileptic seizure. This results from the combination of the strengthened senses and the subconscious.

Additional properties[Edit | Edit source]

  • Turning into a werewolf can heal scars and cure chronic diseases like asthma, epilepsy, or even cancer.
  • A camera flash or other recording device cannot take photos of werewolves, as their glowing eyes make it almost impossible to recognize them. You can only learn to control this effect.

weaknesses[Edit | Edit source]

When the moon is full, inexperienced werewolves become uncontrollable and want to kill.

Main weaknesses[Edit | Edit source]

Monkshood [edit | Edit source]

Has different effects depending on the dosage and use: it can kill, transform, or heal a werewolf when used correctly. But hallucinations can also be caused depending on the dose.

Mountain ash [edit | Edit source]

When used correctly, mountain ash can form an impenetrable barrier against supernatural creatures (only chimera can break through a mountain ash barrier without effort. Scott McCall is the only known werewolf to date who has ever managed (and with great difficulty) to penetrate a mountain ash barrier) that allows the user to keep them indoors or outdoors.

Lunar eclipse [edit | Edit source]

Werewolves are powerless during a total lunar eclipse.

Other weaknesses[Edit | Edit source]

  • Inexperienced werewolves are influenced by the full moon: they lose control and their murderous desire increases. However, this can be controlled by willpower.
  • Moonstone can inhibit the action of the moon and disrupt the natural cycle of transformation.
  • Bites, scratches, and other wounds caused by an Alpha don't heal as quickly as other injuries.
  • Constant exposure to low levels of electric shock causes a werewolf to weaken and remain in human form.
  • Mistletoe is also poisonous to werewolves.

pack[Edit | Edit source]

Werewolves are social creatures and therefore mostly act in packs.

  • A werewolf pack consists of an alpha (male or female) and a group of betas or other creatures.
  • The Alpha is the leader and makes all the decisions that are followed by the entire pack.
  • Werewolves become physically stronger and more powerful when they join a pack. This is mentioned a lot during seasons 1 and 2.
  • Pack membership is voluntary, but leaking makes the werewolf weaker.

Alpha pack[Edit | Edit source]

It is possible to start a whole pack of alphas. For more information see Alpha Pack.

Symbols, rituals and references[Edit | Edit source]

The world of Teen Wolf is rich in symbols, rituals, and references. The spiral in particular, which is seen as a sign of vengeance among werewolves, is very common. The triskele (the picture on the left) can also be interpreted as such a symbol, but it could also stand for the three types of werewolves. For Derek Hale, the triskele means the alpha-beta-omega relationship. It is intended to remind him that any alpha can descend to beta at any time and an omega can ascend to an alpha (example: alpha twins).

In addition to such references in the Nordic-Celtic mythology, there are also numerous in the Greek (such as the legend of Lykaon, Deucalion). The names of the werewolf species are also borrowings from the Greek alphabet: alpha Αα, the first letter; beta Ββ, the second letter as well omega Ωω, the last letter in the Greek alphabet. With the Kanima there are also references to the South American world of legends.

Known werewolves[Edit | Edit source]

Bitten werewolves[Edit | Edit source]

  • Erica Reyes, bitten by Derek Hale (Beta, deceased)
  • Vernon Boyd, bitten by Derek Hale (Beta, deceased)
  • Jackson Whittemore, bitten by Derek Hale, turned into a Kanima (later beta)
  • Liam Dunbar, bitten by Scott McCall (Beta)
  • Satomi Ito, bitten (Alpha, deceased)
  • Hayden Romero, former chimera, bitten by Scott McCall, now a werewolf (Beta)
  • Victoria Argent, bitten by Derek Hale, was killed with the help of Chris Argent before she was transformed (Beta, deceased)
  • Alexander Argent, bitten by Deucalion, committed suicide prior to metamorphosis (Beta, deceased)

born werewolves[Edit | Edit source]

  • Derek Hale, born werewolf (Beta, former alpha)
  • Laura Hale, born werewolf (from beta to alpha, deceased)
  • Peter Hale, born werewolf (Beta, former alpha)
  • Cora Hale, born werewolf (Alpha, former beta)
  • Lori Rohr, born werewolf (Beta, deceased)

other werewolves[Edit | Edit source]

  • Potash, (Alpha, deceased)
  • Ennis, (Alpha, deceased)
  • Aiden, (from omega to alpha, from alpha to omega, deceased)

Well-known chimeras partly werewolf[Edit | Edit source]

Gallery [edit | Edit source]

Vernon Boyd †, bitten by Derek Hale (Beta, deceased)
Derek Hale, born werewolf (Beta, former alpha)