How much does a car remote control battery cost

Change car key battery

Changing the battery for a car key

The car key has long been much more than a metal beard with a small black handle. Today's car keys are sometimes real mini-computers. Changing the battery is not always easy.

Modern car keys not only operate the door lock and ignition key. Most car keys also unlock the immobilizer, anti-theft alarm and central locking electronically. Particularly luxurious key variants also have access to lights, parking aid or auxiliary heating. The more functions are integrated in the key, the faster the performance of the built-in battery will decline. Modern keys are equipped with a small battery that is automatically recharged in the car. The operating instructions tell you how and where the battery key is charged.

Change the car key battery - this is how the battery exchange works

With conventional keys with radio remote control, however, changing the batteries cannot be avoided. The batteries cost around ten euros and last two to three years. The change itself is sometimes quite tricky, so you should carefully look at the instructions in the owner's manual for your own car. Some radio keys even have to be taught in again after replacing the battery. If you are unsure about this, you can have the whole thing done at an authorized workshop. Many even carry out the change when buying the battery as a free service.