Who are some memorable online personas


Some moments in life are unforgettable. With easyCredit, they are #realized

Every year over 7 million new loans are taken out in Germany. With the #truthful campaign, easyCredit shows that it is often less about the financed item itself and more about an unforgettable moment that it makes possible. That one special moment that one yearns for seems far away because it is simply priceless. easyCredit makes such outstanding moments achievable.

Moments of longing in strong images

Five different spots show moments of longing that have been #realized through a loan. The films show very authentic, almost random-looking recordings. Only with the new sofa does the apartment become a home. It's not the new motorcycle in the garage that makes you happy, but the feeling of freedom on the first trip.

Targeted address through programmatic advertising

The focus of the 365-day campaign is on digital measures. Relevant target groups are reached through programmatic targeting. This enables the targeted addressing of prospective creditors according to psychographic criteria across all digital channels. For the strategic foundation of the campaign, customer characters and their respective emotional motivators were first identified. From this, several personas with an affinity for credit were developed, to which individual spots, Facebook ads and online display banners as well as target group-specific landing pages were tailored.


There are numerous creative measures on social networks under the hashtag #wahrmachen. In addition to the digital focus of the campaign, all other relevant touchpoints, such as mailings, radio, advertisements and other measures at the PoS, are served along the entire customer journey.