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Offline Games - The 3 best free apps for Android and iOS

Is your data volume used up or you have no reception in the subway? We have the solution to boredom.Offline games you can play in airplane mode without mobile data or data volume. WLAN is also not necessary. We present the best three offline games for Android and iOS here.

Anyone who likes to gamble on their smartphone will repeatedly come up against their limits on the go. Either the reception is poor, the data volume is almost used up and there is no public WLAN in sight. Fortunately, more and more app games are available in offline mode. We pulled out our cell phones and fired a lot, puzzled and tapped our fingers until we found the three best offline games for Android and iOS. All the games presented here are free and are mostly financed through in-app purchases. On the smartphones, set, go.

Jetpack Joyride: Wild ride through the air

Jetpack joyride has been around for a few years now, but is still one of the most fun mobile games around. Equipped with a jetpack, you set out in the arcade game to avoid opponents and overcome obstacles. Endless fun is guaranteed, after all, there is no final finale.

The side scroller will pass the time even on long train journeys, after all, the app can also be used without restrictions in flight mode. Since the game has been through a few years by now, you don't need a high-end smartphone to run the offline game smoothly on the screen.

  • Very nice presentation
  • Cool soundtrack
  • Motivating gameplay
  • Game principle wears out quickly

Click here for the offline game Jetpack joyride:

Dots: Points to get addicted to

As the name suggests, it works Dots for points. Lots of colorful dots. At first glance, the very minimalist offline game scores - we will pull it off - with its enormous addiction factor. Once you've started building a chain of points as long as possible, you can't stop until you've exceeded your own score. You either play against time or with a limit of 15 moves per game. There are different color themes to choose from. Dots is also suitable for color blind people.

The offline game is available free of charge for Android and iOS and, like the others, is financed through in-app purchases. There are infinite levels and the level of difficulty keeps increasing. If you should have internet, you can play challenges against other users.

  • intuitive
  • minimalist
  • suitable for color blind people
  • Challenges only in online mode

Click here for the offline game Dots:

The games presented are the best way to pass the time in dead zones or when traveling abroad without access to the mobile data network. However, preparation is important: Since the game files require a few files, you should download the offline apps in a WLAN so as not to empty your data volume with the download. Even if the games presented work without an internet connection, data is exchanged from time to time, for example to save scores or save points online. If the selection is not enough for you, you will find a separate category for offline games in the Google Play Store as an Android user. To do this, go to the section for the game apps and scroll down until you find the corresponding list.

Stranger Things: The Game - retro cult for the small screen

The Netflix series Stranger Things is currently one of the hottest TV productions ever. The game app is also worth seeing for those who are not familiar with the series. It is an adventure game in the best retro look. There are no in-app purchases or unfair payment hurdles. Instead, hours of fun and entertainment are waiting for you.

Despite the C64-inspired retro look, all figures and elements are easy to see right down to the last detail. Those who follow the series will rediscover many familiar characters and locations. In the course of the game you unlock more and more characters, between which you then switch back and forth. You wander through the world of games without a mobile data connection. The mobile Internet is only accessed for high scores.

  • Retro style
  • exciting story
  • Controls a bit wobbly in places

Click here for the offline game Stranger Things: The Game

Conclusion: our test result

Our three best offline games for Android and iPhone have something for every type of game. If you like it minimalist and like to tinker around, then you should Dots download. Of course we love RPG fans, retro fans and series freaks Stranger Things to the heart. We especially recommend those who like things a little more turbulent Jetpack joyride. However, gamers who otherwise use other games should also take a look at this. We were particularly impressed by the interplay of images and music. Jetpack joyride is an experience that lets you immerse yourself in another world.

If you don't feel like using up data volume and would rather play games online, we have offers with extra data volume for you.