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Scientist claims | All people are connected to one another

For over two decades he researched things that we believe to be inexplicable. Now, in a book, Professor Roger Nelson shares his greatest insight with the world: "We humans are all connected to one another by a consciousness."

But what is that supposed to mean? Our consciousness is therefore neither in the brain nor in the heart, but in a kind of information field around us - like in a data cloud.

“We influence each other and are all one,” says Roger Nelson in a BamS interview. We cannot actually perceive this connection - but it is definitely there. “I am a scientist and not an esoteric. We set up our experiments very thoroughly and achieved clear results, ”says Professor Roger Nelson, who coordinated the special laboratory for human-machine interaction at Princeton University.

And this is how the professor measures the so-called world spirit: electronic random number generators are located in different places on all continents. You have to imagine them like fast coin throwers: a random generator only knows the numbers 0 and 1 and decides between them a thousand times per second. Usually both numbers occur statistically the same number of times. If the results deviate from this - and in fact with several random number generators at the same time - this is extremely unusual. This is exactly what happens during major global events that are associated with strong emotions - such as the 9/11 attacks and the funeral of Princess Diana. Sometimes even hours BEFORE the event.

“There is no reason for it, except that we humans are connected on an unconscious level and influence one another. With our research we try to explain these unusual results scientifically. All of this is still pretty mysterious and cannot simply be put into mathematical equations, ”says Professor Nelson. "But just because we can't explain it yet doesn't mean it doesn't exist."

A typical example of this connection that many people know from everyday life: you think of someone and at precisely that moment they call. Especially people who love each other are connected to one another. Experiments by other scientists in England, Nelson writes, have shown that when couples are far apart and think lovingly of each other, their heartbeat synchronizes!

»Meditating and praying can change many things in a positive way

According to Professor Nelson, however, we can also influence our environment through the power of thought. At least a little. “We asked test subjects to imagine higher or lower numbers in an experiment with a random generator. And indeed there were deviations in the corresponding direction, ”says the professor.

The devices would also react noticeably to groups praying or meditating. According to Nelson, the consciousness of the group brings a striking order into the random series of numbers: "Meditation, like prayer, has tremendous power and can change many things for the better."

There is a grain of truth in the principle of “ordering from the universe” - concentrating on a wish and then letting go of your thoughts - says the Princeton professor: “Most people who are successful in our laboratory experiments do the same.” To be able to change the TV program through the power of thought, however, is unlikely. “The effects are too small for that. Although . . . if you practice long enough and have a lot of patience, it might one day work, ”says Nelson with a laugh.

Today's science does not yet sufficiently understand the interaction between thoughts and matter; according to Roger Nelson, there is a lack of time, resources and creativity. "We are in a border area of ​​science that requires a certain amount of imagination."

An invisible whole that unites us, unconsciously guides and inspires us - whether he has possibly found God there? "Yes - depending on who you are and what you believe," says Professor Nelson. “Indeed, some of my colleagues talk about consciousness as if it were God. It's the beginning and the end. If I had a mission, it would be to help people see that this connection exists. "