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Excel: Mark negative numbers in red & positive numbers in green

In Excel you can mark negative numbers in red and positive numbers in green in order to always have an overview even in larger tables. Our guide shows you how to set this up in just a few steps.

Mark negative numbers in red in Excel

  1. First, select all cells in Excel that you want to color red or green. If the cells are widely scattered, you can also select them individually while holding down the [Ctrl] key.
  2. Then click with the right mouse button in one of the markings to open the context menu.
  3. Here you select the option "Format cells".
  4. In the upper menu ribbon click on "Numbers" and then at the bottom on the entry "User-defined":
  5. Enter the following into the input field: [Green] #. ## 0 _ €; [Red] - #. ## 0 _ €
  6. If you now click on "OK", all negative numbers will be colored red and all positive numbers will be colored green.

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Make colored numbers black again in Excel

If you have accidentally colored too much, you can undo this with [Ctrl] + [Z]. But you can also make individual cells black again:

  1. To do this, click on the relevant cell or select several cells.
  2. Now select the large "Standard" button in the "Format templates" section at the top of the "Start" menu.
  3. The selected cells then reappear in the standard design with black font.

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