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At tredition, authors can publish an eBook without any effort of their own. For eBook publication, tredition converts your file into the common eBook formats and sells your eBook in hundreds of portals, including the Amazon Kindle Store and Apple iBookstore.

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Publish an eBook, live out your creative abilities and earn money at the same time ... It's very easy with tredition. Publishing eBooks is easier than a printed book because the structure and format of the book are not that important, but it is worth investing in and publishing a printed book as well. We convert your book into the popular eBook formats and sell it in over hundreds of online shops.

Write creatively, publish a book, and maybe even become a bestselling author? This is now possible for everyone thanks to self-publishing! With tredition you have the great advantage that you don't have to spend any effort to publish an eBook. We take over the professional production of a valid eBook for you. You can also publish your work as a printed book free of charge. You will not publish your book anywhere in the multitude and range! Read more about our conditions here.

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The ability to publish and sell eBooks is a core service of tredition. The eBook is the digital version of the conservative book. There are many providers with whom you can publish your manuscript as an eBook. However, nowhere is it so easy to create an eBook as with tredition. At tredition, you simply upload your book as a PDF and we will do the rest! You can find out where your eBook is available here.

Publishing an eBook is very easy and is growing in popularity. So even the wallet can be filled. There are many Internet portals that offer publication in the field of eBook publishing. No one offers as extensive sales as tredition in the popular eBook formats and in over 300 online shops!

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