How big is the business intelligence market

Business Intelligence: The German market for business intelligence is changing

According to a study by the Business Application Research Center, the demand for business intelligence is still very high. The sales drivers from the market segment of BI user tools are shifting more and more to that of data management software. SAP's success is one possible explanation for this.

The providers of data management and software for business intelligence achieved sales of over one billion euros in 2013 with maintenance and licenses. Compared to the previous year, total sales in the "BI user tools and data management software" market segments rose to 1.47 million euros. More than 60 suppliers with over 600 products achieved sales of more than one million euros.
These are the results of the study â € œThe Market for Business Intelligence in Germany 2013â €, which all well-known software providers surveyed. Quantitative and qualitative statements about the market could be made from the results of the study.

BI market shift in favor of the data management provider
The market shift in certain data management segments had already been announced, according to a BARC study. Compared to the previous year, sales here rose by 20 percent. The growth in the area of ​​BI user tools only increased by three percent. Both market segments are about the same size.

The data management providers profit from the increasing demand for big data technologies, from the growing need for data integration technologies and especially from the demand in the SAP environment "Hana". Due to the 47 percent increase in the backend area at SAP, there was also an increase in the overall market of 10.8 percent.

When it comes to data management, SAP is ahead
Things did not go optimally for the former market leader Oracle, which achieved an increase in sales but was unable to achieve growth rates like its direct competitors. The SAP couldn't be prevented from passing by either. Walldorf's market share rose from 20 to 24 percent. The segment for BI user tools lacked these suggestions in 2013. But SAP was also able to expand its position as market leader in this area. Although sales growth was achieved, the high growth rates of the competition could not be matched. Despite a lower level of sales, some providers have more than tripled their revenues. However, the very good level could not be maintained by some of the top performers. Other providers such as Blue Yonder, Every Angle, Jaspersoft, Prevero, Rapid-I, Splunk or Tableau achieved high growth rates.

The future view of the markets is rated positively
In the first and second quarters, the front-end market was increasingly dependent on macroeconomic developments. On the other hand, there were strong movements in the backend market. Forecasts for 2014 can only be made with reservations due to the unclear economic situation. A positive development with regard to the German business intelligence market is expected, according to a spokesman for the BARC.

The data management segment will decline somewhat, but thanks to "HANA" it will continue to grow. The BI-fronted market will find its way back to its former strength, said the managing director of BARC. On the agenda of CIOs and departments, â € œBusiness Intelligence solutions are a high priority. Which established and new providers will make it onto the market and also make it onto the shortlist of BI organizations is eagerly awaited by many.