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Shooter charts in April 2021 - That feels wrong to me

Petra Schmitz

So now this Outriders is out and opinions about it differ greatly. I'm pretty clearly positioned there: I still find shooters in which I shoot people or human-like opponents with projectile weapons and are presented with numerical values ‚Äč‚Äčinstead of headshots. Would you go out in Outriders with wands or something: cool. But because they're projectile weapons ... no, not for me. That's why I've avoided both parts of The Division or the Borderlands of this world, among other things.

You can of course argue that Outriders is not a real shooter, but rather a hybrid of a shooter and an action role-playing game. And I say: Of course, but that doesn't change my feelings.

And do you know anything else? I'm really annoyed about it because I missed a lot of cool stuff because of this quark and will still miss it. Outriders (I've watched videos, I've seen streams) don't necessarily belong to me because story, dialogues and the whole world building don't really appeal to me.

Keyword The Division: The second part is already two years under its belt and has to say goodbye to the charts (see box "How do our top lists work"). The same applies to Metro Exodus, by the way. With that, Rainbow Six moves: Siege again in first place.

New to the list: Insurgency Sandstorm and Apex Legends thanks to fresh upgrades.

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At GameStar.de we test all relevant first-person shooters, but not every title has what it takes to be a hit. In our top list of the best shooters you will find the ten games of the last two years with the currently highest GameStar rating at a glance. This also includes retested, upgraded titles and games that we regularly support, such as Rainbow Six: Siege.

10. Valorant

PLUS 8:22 test video: Valorant is too good to ignore

Riot Games, the makers of League of Legends, simply married CS: GO and Overwatch into a new game in 2020. The Free2Play shooter Valorant divides, some say it is just a cheap clone, others see it as a successful addition to the online team shootings. We're more on the latter side.

The mix that Riot Games has concocted here may not be completely flawless, but thanks to the maps and the often well thought-out skills of the heroes, it offers an enormous wealth of variants in the matches. However, the skills are less decisive in Valorant than in Overwatch. And yet they are important enough - if used cleverly - to either win a round easily or to be able to spin it again.

The rules of the game are easy to understand and the entry barrier is correspondingly low. But Valorant belongs in the category "Easy to play, difficult to master". If you want to be a valuable member of your team, you have to deal more intensively with the cards and your skills - and be willing to talk to your fellow players.

Developer: Riot
Release date: 2nd July 2020
Platform: Pc
GameStar rating: 86

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9. Black Mesa

12:57 PM Black Mesa - The Half-Life remake isn't perfect, but it's incredible

Good video games don't age, but even the legendary Half-Life shows that it was released back in 1998. This means that the title that should shape Valve is older than many readers of this text! So if you want to relive a piece of video game history and at the same time value pretty graphics, you should take a look or two at the Half-Life remake Black Mesa.

Incidentally, Black Mesa is not a Valve project per se: Originally launched by fans of the Half-Life series, the team at Crowbar Collective received the blessing from Valve to put their remake into action and even money with it to earn. The result of a five-year long early access phase is a successful journey into the past that can be played and even seen.

Black Mesa even succeeds in finding the optimal balance between being true to the original and the appropriate reinvention of Half-Life. For example, the not-so-good Xen levels were thrown out ... and re-added in a revised version. In addition, it was shortened a little here and expanded a little there - without losing the spirit of the predecessor.

So if you want to swing Gordon Freeman's crowbar from the first Half-Life again, you should definitely try the successful new edition Black Mesa.

Developer: Crowbar Collective
Release date: March 05, 2020
Platform: Pc
GameStar rating: 87

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8. Apex Legends

13:26 Apex Legends is only getting better and better in 2021

When Apex Legends came out, everyone was like: "Hey, we want a new Titanfall!" But that soon passed, and now Apex Legends is a fixture in the battle royale scene out there on the servers. (Well, we still want a new Titanfall.)

The extremely fast gameplay is still the distinguishing feature of the online shooter from Respawn Entertainment. The skills of the so-called characters (called legends) promote team play, the new crafting system also supports this, because we can now manufacture equipment not only for ourselves, but also for other players. Speaking of equipment: Your armor can now be leveled up and will get stronger over time. The new ranked mode, which is less frustrating than in Valorant, for example, is a success thanks to its mild system.

Since then, Respawn has added two new maps and eight new legends. In addition, there is an additional focus on a story that can be followed in trailers, but also finds its way onto the cards again and again, which makes for a nice change. In addition, story quests give you further insights into the stories of the characters, but not in cool films, but only in drawn comics.

Developer: Respawn entertainment
Release date: 4.2.2019
Platform: PC, PlayStation, Xbox (Crossplay)
GameStar rating: 88

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