What is the best car dashboard polish

Clean the car dashboard yourself + 2 more tips for saving money

You always have it in front of your eyes and yet it is the spot in the car where we keep backing away from cleaning. But dust and dirt are stubborn and constantly lie on the dashboard and in the ventilation slots.

Now there are many service providers who carry out professional car interior cleaning. You use care products which - we think - are worth the sometimes high costs. But our budget doesn't exist at the moment and that's why we asked ourselves: How can we clean the car dashboard?

So how can we clean the car dashboard? This is how you can professionally clean the car dashboard:

  • Remove dust with a dust magnet or a soft cloth
  • Wipe the dashboard with a damp cloth and cleaner.
  • Dry and polish the dashboard.
  • Finally, use suitable care products.

Do you know the situation in which you get into the car and comfortably sink into the driver's seat and then realize with a shock: The whole dashboard is full of dust.

You quickly wipe it with your hand or with the sleeve of your jacket and hope that these nasty little particles won't come back anytime soon. But unfortunately this is not the case.

Especially in the spring months, the dashboard looks like S ** every time the door or window is opened. But as big as the weaker self is - that Cleaning the car dashboard is not difficult!

With our tips, you don't necessarily have to go to a professional for this cleaning. We explain how you can become a professional yourself!

In the following you will therefore learn how to do it Remove dust and dirt from the car dashboard and give you a clear conscience as you look ahead.

Furthermore, we clarify which aids you need and whether you should use household remedies, household items or the expensive cleaning agents.

Tip no. 1: clean your car dashboard yourself

Unfortunately, you see it too often to be able to ignore it and actually it's not much of a stress. And yet it takes a lot of effort to get the necessary aids out of the house.

But one good cleaning of the car dashboard not only ensures that the dust is temporarily removed, but also that your The dashboard stays clean and protected for a long time.

Tools for cleaning the car dashboard

We will therefore tell you which tools you need to clean the car dashboard:

  • At least two microfiber cloths
  • Feather duster or dust magnet
  • Soft dust brush or paintbrush
  • Bucket of water
  • Household products or special detergents
  • Chamois
  • Sun cream, olive oil, baby wipes or special cockpit care products

The right choice of aids always depends on how and with what means you want to clean your car dashboard.

If you want to clean in an environmentally friendly way, you can simply clean the car dashboard clean with lukewarm water and a cloth. However, this is often not enough to remove really stubborn dirt.

But an expensive, professional cleaning agent is not always necessary, because too Household items such as citrus cleaners or washing-up liquid can help immensely when cleaning the car dashboard.

Step 1: Thoroughly remove dust

At the beginning you should first remove all the dust. Simply use a feather duster, a dust magnet or a slightly moistened microfiber cloth.

It is important that you really remove the dust and not just rub it on the spot.

A vacuum cleaner makes it easier to remove dust

Another option is to use a small vacuum cleaner. However, make sure that you use an attachment here. If you vacuum with a hard vacuum cleaner tube over sensitive plastic surfaces, scratches could quickly appear in the sensitive dashboards.

Also think about the vents and the gap next to buttons and dials

Often you just wipe it because you think that you won't get all the way into the slits or crevices with the cloth anyway. But we also have two little insider tips for you:

  1. Just use a small paintbrush with long bristles. These also reach the dust particles located far back in your ventilation shaft or the gap next to buttons and rotary controls.
  2. Stick a straw to the end of your vacuum cleaner tube. Thoroughly tape the slit next to the straw. With the straw you now have a thin extension of your vacuum cleaner pipe, with which you can also reach the deep layers of dust.

Step 2: Wipe the car dashboard with a damp cloth

As already mentioned, a microfiber cloth and a bucket of lukewarm water are actually sufficient for this. But if stubborn dirt or grease smudges have to be removed, it is advisable to use a cleaner.


A cost-effective alternative here is the use of mild all-purpose cleaners, such as washing-up liquid or citrus cleaners. These two household remedies are fat-dissolving, are at home and are suitable ideal for cleaning car dashboards.

Professional cockpit cleaning products

They are often very expensive, but for that specially tailored to the material of your car dashboard. Furthermore, they also promise comprehensive protection of the material.

Whether they actually clean better in the end or just cost more, that cannot be generalized.

Microfiber cloth or chamois leather

Regardless of which cleaning agent you have chosen, the cleaning effect depends on the cloth to which it is applied. We recommend a microfiber cloth or high-quality chamois leather to clean the car dashboard.

Inexpensive products often leave streaks or do not completely remove the dirt. And if you take the trouble, then it should be good, right?

Step 3: dry and polish car dashboard

After wiping it down with detergent or lukewarm water, the car dashboard must be dried completely before step 4.

Here, too, we recommend using a second, dry microfiber cloth or chamois leather. Carefully dry your dashboards and make sure that you polish out streaks and water stains properly.

Step 4: Use suitable care products

So, the dashboard is now carefully polished and already shines, literally, like a bacon rind. It is time we maintained this state for as long as possible and give the car dashboard one last care.

Here, too, we differentiate between budget funds and professional, more expensive solutions.


Of course, these household remedies are not suitable for all materials. But for the usual leather or plastic dashboards, you can simply use the following home remedies instead of the expensive cockpit care products:

  • suncream
  • Baby wipes
  • olive oil

The dashboards stay shiny and dust-free longer. So you have to Don't clean the dashboard again so quickly!

Professional fittings care products

Of course, there are also professional fittings and cockpit care products for maintenance. Here, too, a high price is not always a guarantee of the best quality.

However, if you don't want to take any risks, then take a look at the many cockpit care product tests. You will always find it here the right care product for your individual car dashboard.

Savings tip no. 2: change car tires yourself

Another job on your car that many of you would like to leave in the hands of others is changing tires every year. You can also save yourself these costs so easily!

To change the tires professionally and safely you have to:

  1. First apply the hand or parking brake properly
  2. Raise the car with a jack
  3. Loosen the wheel nuts with a wheel spider
  4. Unscrew the wheel bolts and put them neatly to one side
  5. Replace the old bike with the new one
  6. Put the wheel nuts back on and tighten slightly
  7. Lower the car - but not quite yet. Just so that the wheels lightly touch the ground.
  8. Now finally tighten the wheel nuts with a torque wrench.
  9. After about 50 kilometers you should tighten the nuts and bolts again.
  10. Clean the old tires and store them properly.

Do you want to learn more about this topic? In our article “Changing car tires correctly”, we explain everything step by step and also deal with how the tires should be stored correctly.

Tip no. 3: code your car yourself with the Carly adapter

In addition to cleaning the car dashboard and changing tires, service, maintenance work and the reading of errors are also a major cost factor. But no matter which of the three points it is - we have the perfect savings tip for you!

Become a professional mechanic yourself

Because with yours Auto assistants, the Carly Adapter, you will become a real professional mechanic yourself! With this adapter you are able to really understand the condition of your car and to anticipate costly quirks of your car or to find them quickly.

Personal assistant for fault diagnosis and performance check

By connecting the Carly adapter to your vehicle, you can read out all performance data or error codes yourself.

Hardly connected, be in the associated Carly App shows all performance data and / or problems, which can affect the electronic control parts, the gearbox, the engine, the multimedia system and much more.

The The vehicle history of the Carly app is used to identify any errors at an early stage. You will be shown how the severity of a suspected problem is developing over time and whether you need to act early.

Other questions

We have now gone through the subject of cleaning the car dashboard together. But can you go wrong here? We clarify for you: What should you watch out for when cleaning the speedometer and cockpit?

So what should you watch out for when cleaning the speedometer and cockpit? When cleaning the cockpit, make sure that the speedometer panes are made of plexiglass. Only clean them with a feather duster or a soft microfiber cloth. Strong detergents should not be used on buttons / knobs that are labeled. The label could come off.

At the end of the interior cleaning, there is a flash of lightning at every corner. But somehow there is still a stink in the car. We asked ourselves: How can you remove odors from the car?

So how do you remove odors from your car? Unpleasant smells caused by ashtrays or leftovers can be avoided by regular cleaning. If the air conditioning is to blame for the bad smell, cleaning can also help here. If the bad smell remains, an ozone treatment by a professional can be the solution.