What if I don't have an exam

Registration for courses

You can register for courses in the registration window via the course catalog or your u: account, provided you meet the necessary requirements.

Make sure that you have the status "registered" for courses that are not subject to an examination.

For courses with permanent exams (with limited places) you go up to the status "Allocation after registration deadline". After the registration period has ended, you will take part in the allocation run.

Registration after the registration period has expired is no longer possible without exception!

You will receive 1000 points per semester for courses, which you can assign to your registrations at your own discretion. There is usually no space limit for courses that are not subject to an examination, which is why you do not have to set any points.

In the case of courses with limited places or several parallel courses, you should set points accordingly, e.g. to get your desired course date.

You can correct your number of points at any time within the registration period, depending on the number of "reserved" students and available places (i.e. only a few points etc. if there are few participants and many places).

Please note: In the u: space system, only the points set are decisive for admission to a course, but not the time of registration!