Can I block followers on Quora?

“Oh, that's nonsense. A portal for questions and answers. ”“ for Americans. And? ”The derogatory judgments about have become legion. Since they already attract a large number of investors willing to invest, there is also envy in addition to the malice. So it is time for the network pilots to take a look at it for themselves.

If you already have a facebook or twitter account, you can use it to register and, if you wish, take your friends or followers with you. That was nice because I had more than 150 contacts there in one fell swoop. According to the twitter principle, I can follow those there and, as a newcomer, above all get to know which topics or individual questions they are “following” (observing). If there are new answers or questions on topics, I will be notified. Then I decide myself on areas of interest or open questions of the type "Explain the difference between social business and enterprise 2.0". Like most questions at the moment, the answers come from areas that use the internet intensively anyway: web design, development, the computer world in general, marketing, PR, HR, journalists, scribes, consultants of all kinds. It would be helpful for teaching institutions, students and students and professional development ...

The startup of two high-ranking former Facebook developers was founded in 2009 and went online for everyone in summer 2010. Before that, a chosen group tested the platform in a closed beta. Unlike Facebook, the layout can be used immediately and without much trial and error. There are clever answers to almost every question, and these can include long rows of comments (initially collapsed and invisible), which in turn can contain a lot of instructive information. In this respect, is the addition to wikipedia that I have long been looking for in certain areas. Because the deletion discussions there sometimes also contain good material on the topics. But the dispute about ideas, facts and opinions mostly takes place in camera and is not so well documented. In any case, the previous users at Quora make every effort in many cases to explain their views. The big question is whether it will stay that way.

Since Facebook is currently building a similar function, the question is whether or more precisely how it will continue to exist. I think that there are many people who are currently using facebook like stayfriends or earlier Xing, a kind of digital collection of business cards or new German identity management.

Quora would have what it takes, due to its open and clear functionality, to become a topic-oriented discussion platform that takes the well-known forum to a new level because of its follower function. It is worth a try, especially for all functions of customer support, digital teaching à la eLearning and keeping technical discussions together. It remains to be seen whether these fields will be expanded and companies will book individual threads for themselves and plaster them with advertising. But if you have always wanted to associate yourself or your company with certain issues, you will find a good opportunity here.

The quality assurance is already considered to be groundbreaking and the evaluation of the answers in the good direction (upwards) or the bad (downwards) is very appropriate and user-oriented. I consider it a service that is used quietly and is not subject to any hype. Because it makes sense and cannot be praised in the sky by paid webcasters. The idea is too down-to-earth for that. Seldom experienced anything so sustainable on the web. Hope others see it that way too.

Jörg Wittkewitz

has worked as a freelance author and journalist since 1999 for national and international newspapers and magazines, online publications as well as radio and TV stations. (Editor in Chief from 2009 to 2012)

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