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Even though we don't drive, we have a garage. It's my storage room for all styling props, and of course all things go in there that we don't really have space for. And she urgently needs a little attention. On my walks with Miss C. I look into many garages and discover a lot from perfect organization to total chaos, from a chic car museum to a cozy workshop. The garage is somehow also a romantic place: a small space outside the apartment that many use for working and also as a retreat. They are treasure chests and often serve as a space from outside to inside. These ideas show you - and of course me too - how garages can be better organized and used. (Left picture: dotandbo, right picture: Flickr)

1 - This is how perfect order is created

It really doesn't take much, and everything gets better. All you need for this perfect order and organization is color and a good grid system. This means that garage walls offer a lot of practical and attractive storage space. (Image via: Indulgy)

2 - Everything detached

In a different way, this example shows how important a good shelving system is. When choosing the shelving system, make sure that it is robust and can withstand a lot. It is also important that all boxes and crates are well written or even transparent on the outside so that you can find what you are looking for. The fresh mint green color for the walls is also very nice here. (Image: Columbian)

3 - timber construction

With wood, someone who has manual skills can easily build a suitable storage system for garage walls. Others have a carpenter or talented friend make it. I think that a little wood also immediately offers cosiness. However, with this solution, care must be taken to ensure that the garage walls can still breathe. The ingenious thing here is that supports for very different things were created with simple crossbars. Small shelves and hooks help other things. Balls are perfectly held together with elastic bands. This ensures that they do not fall out and that you can easily take them out. (Image: Designed to dwell)

4 - The workbench

A suitable place is of course important for everyone who likes to do a little tinkering, crafting and working in the garage. Build such a practical and handsome workbench. I would also add castors, because when the weather is nice you can set up a workplace outside in front of the garage. It is also important to have a suitable light - here on this picture from the “Bricoleur Workshop” blog through an attached industrial light.

5 - intermediate station

Those who live in block apartments and multi-family houses usually enter the apartment directly from the stairwell. This is always a difficult undertaking for anyone who likes to go outside. Because clothes and shoes are often dirty, full of earth and often wet. The so-called mud room that single-family houses offer does not exist. This means the rooms that offer an entrance from the garden into the house. The garage can actually become such a space. This picture from the blog «Curbly» shows in a wonderful way what such a changing corner could look like.

6 - boot holder

In the garage, install such a practical and super simple shelf for rubber boots, hiking boots or sneakers and of course a place for the clean shoes, hooks for jackets and a bench or chair to change on. (Image via: 1001gardens)

7 - Inside in front of the door

There are also large garages in many houses. This idea, discovered on the “I heart organizing” blog, shows how such a stopover can look pretty, tidy and inviting.

8 - A good hold

Plastic tubes make simple and cheap holders for garden tools. In this picture from the blog «Newly Woodwards», this is implemented very nicely and practically with wooden strips.

9 - space saver

With the farewell to the gardening season, garden furniture also needs winter accommodation. Garage walls with large hooks can be helpful for folding furniture. (Image via: House organization)

10 - More joy with color

Garages or basements often have something sad about them. They are dark, old, damp and usually not that inviting. Help with color. A good coat of white paint is half the battle. If you then choose colorful accessories as star objects, you will also feel a little cheerful, as this charming solution, discovered on the blog “I heart organizing”, proves.

Even more garage inspirations:

The following examples are not so quick and easy to implement. For this they are inspirations and stimulate dreaming.

The garage as a man cave

Sitcom series have something cozy for me, and so different such TV shows were always part of my evening after work. It was the “King of Queens” for a while, and what I really liked about it was the use of the garage as living space for the crazy father. Doug had to give up his man cave for that. This picture, discovered on Pinterest, shows that garages, of whatever kind, are a place of retreat and can certainly do with comfort.

Garage style in the apartment

The garage style, i.e. the rough, masculine, improvised living style, also moves into the house. This picture from Dot to Bo shows how great that can look.

Garage as a museum

No, unfortunately this is not my prop room, but this picture from «Petrolicious» shows that many garages are also small museums.

A man who converted two garages into one apartment

This is another good opportunity to visit the beautiful Zurich apartment of the young architect Mario Rosinus. In an early Homestory on Sweet Home discover the exciting story of how a garage became a real apartment and how a young man furnished it for himself.


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