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Field rules

This is your first time on an airsoft field and you have no idea what to do? Your Airsoft Shop Sniper As explains the most important rules to you.

Do you have your first Airsoft Gear together? Great!
Surely you want to finally go to a playing field and have an entertaining but safe day. In order to make this possible, we have briefly summarized the most important and also common rules of the field.


1. Sportiness and fairness

Playing fair is just as important for the beginner as it is for the airsoft professional. To accept the playing field rules and to play with sportiness. Respect your counterpart, even if he meets you for the umpteenth time.


2. Security

Safety during the game as well as in the safe zones are paramount. Use special running socks for your airsoft guns, secure your guns and remove the magazine. But it is much more important to wear the appropriate protective equipment. Protective goggles suitable for the airsoft world are the most important aspect of any equipment.


3. Eligibility to play

You must be 18 years or older to play. On some playing fields, children aged 14 and over are also allowed to play, but only with the written consent of their legal guardians. What you must not forget under any circumstances is your identity card. You have to show this to the registry or hand it in.
Most of the time, you have to sign a declaration of liability, the field rules and the like from the organizer on the respective field before the start.


4. Teams

The team is put together after a set of rules briefing. The different teams are put together before the start of the game, they consist of two or more. They are then marked with colored bracelets, red, blue or yellow. In the best case, you already have them ready.



5. Playing field

Don't leave any trash on the field, or do you want to put it in your own trash next time you play? Do not intentionally damage objects or facilities in the field. Also, do not use them as a weapon to harm other players. Only play in the demarcated play area, not outside of it. The respawn point is a respawn point, they are not standing targets. Even if your finger itches.


6. Protective equipment

Wear ballistic goggles, which are also permitted for airsoft sports. Unfortunately, the € 1 plastic glasses from the hardware store around the corner do not protect your eyesight. In addition to protective goggles, additional softair protective masks for your face are usually recommended. Many male players also swear by a groin guard for fear of hits. You should have sturdy shoes, at least ankle-high with a good profile. Sneakers may look great, but they have no place on a playing field. In principle, any kind of protective clothing that does not prevent you from playing is recommended.


7. Armament

The use of rubber training weapons - knives, trench hawks, swords, etc. - is regulated in many areas and sometimes not allowed.
Smoke grenades are only allowed, if at all, that are cold-burning, certified and tested. Pyrotechnic grenades are not allowed due to the risk of injury and fire.

BB operated grenades must also be approved by the organizer. These are usually also allowed on the playing fields.
All airsoft weapons must be checked by the organizer's speed check before use. All are checked on the chronograph and marked with a colored cable tie. A follow-up check during the game is possible at any time by the marshal, which ensures a fair game.
The FPS or joule limits are quite different on each playing field, usually the limit for assault rifles is 1.5 joules. For sniper rifles at 2.5 joules. For airsoft pistols at 1.0 joules. However, this cannot be generalized, as different playing conditions can be found on each playing field.


8. General rules

Always wear your eye protection on the field, even in the respawn zone!
Show your hit honestly!
If you are hit, indicate this out loud with a "HIT"!
If something happened, someone was injured, etc. then shout “freeze” loudly!
Do not fire blindly beyond cover, always aim with your weapon!
No physical contact! No insults or verbal failures!
Play fair and have fun!