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The heaviest karaoke song in the world

With their video "The A - Ö of Iceland" the Icelanders not only give a nice insight into their homeland, but are also aiming for the title of the heaviest karaoke song in the world.

The heaviest karaoke song in the world

Iceland is just great. It is the land of thermal pools, the soccer team with the best battle cry, Icelandic horses and musicians like Of Monsters and Men or Bjork.

But also the language of what is actually so inconspicuous Iceland has absolute recognition value. In 2010, for example, all news channels had the big problem of pronouncing the name of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull. Do you remember?

Now they haveIcelanders probably decided to build on exactly this dude. In October they released it, according to them "Heaviest karaoke song in the world" on Youtube.

The video initiated by the tourist authority shows the many advantages in a humorous and charming way Icelandwhile comedian Steindi sings a song in English and Icelandic. The text can be seen at the bottom of the video and offers a viewer the opportunity to "The a - ö of Iceland“Happy to sing along.

Can you heaviest karaoke song in the world sing along? Eyndu að syngja með! - Just give it a try. Regardless of whether you get it right or not, you're definitely in a good mood after the song.

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