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The queer lexicon : What is bisexuality?

Bisexuals are men or women who feel and live sexually attracted to both men and women. In doing so, they violate the prevailing norm of heterosexuality. Not as strong as homosexuals, however, who turn away from it completely.

Bisexuals are viewed with suspicion by many gays

Many homosexuals therefore eyed bisexuals with suspicion: Do bisexuals perhaps not dare to endure social pressure and to stand by their homosexuality? For example, the comedian Hella von Sinnen or the national goalkeeper Nadine Angerer initially declared that they were bi. Only later did they come out as lesbians. It is also noticeable that many who describe themselves as "bi" are looking for sex in gay dating portals. In gay circles there is a debate about whether these “bisexuals” only call themselves that because they have deeply internalized the social hatred against gays.

Many straight people also feel insecure about bisexuals. After all, the bisexuals seem to confidently switch back and forth between the drawers. Isn't that proving that sexual orientations are much more fluid than most would like them to be?

Freud and bisexuality

In fact, Sigmund Freud assumed that all people are originally bisexual and only become heterosexual in the course of psychosocial processes. From Freud's point of view, homosexual tendencies that appear later are normal, namely as remnants of the childish desires of father and mother. But adults who have developed mentally healthy redirect them to other activities and objects. Freud's negative attitude towards bisexual and homosexuality continues to influence psychoanalysis and psychotherapy to this day: Unfortunately, many psychologists still regard bisexual and homosexuality as immature forms of sexuality, although Freud's theses have long been considered outdated among sex researchers.

In any case, bisexuals do not bow to the pressure of heterosexuality or the pressure of monosexuality in the form of homosexuality. So they can be seen as those who overcome social boundaries and act according to the motto: Only love counts.

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