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The Cloud 2006 In Italian & Spanish

Original title: The cloud
Length: 1h 53 min
Quality: M4V 1440p DVD
Translation: English - German
File size: 679 megabytes

The Cloud 2006 In Italian & Spanish

The time: now! The place: Germany! Somewhere near Schweinfurt there is an accident in a nuclear power plant. The result: a radioactive cloud escapes and moves over the Federal Republic. In the small town of Schlitz a catastrophe occurs, a large number of the residents die within a very short time of the radiation contamination. 16-year-old Hannah and her boyfriend Elmar are also trying to escape from the chaos in front of the cloud. But only one of them makes it and the other has to live with the consequences ... if you can call it that ...

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Die Wolke is a youth novel by Gudrun Pausewang, published in 1987, in which the fictional fate of 14-year-old Janna-Berta is told, who was ...
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The cloud is the title of a youth book by Gudrun Pausewang published in 1987, which describes the experiences of a radiation victim after a (fictional) accident ...
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A cloud (going back to the Indo-European root uelg "moist, wet" and therefore linguistically related to the adjective wilted and the river name Volga) is ...
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