What does DMT mean in slang

Slang dictionary - D

termExplanationD. LSD dagga Heroin; Cannabis or cannabis derivatives dama blanca cocaine Damameso cannabis Daprisal Amphetamine-barbiturate combination dawamesk ind. Cake with cardamom, nutmeg and marijuana, among other things DD Designer drugs: synthetically produced drugs whose basic chemical structure is derived from naturally occurring drugs or poisons or newly developed based on basic chemical and pharmacological knowledge; they are usually made from a few, almost always legal, individual chemical substances. deadly nightshade Belladonna dead on arrival PCP base deck small dose of cocaine, heroin or morphine deep purple purple colored LSD tablet dolphin Ecstasy tablet embossed with the dolphin symbol demies Demerol Designer drugs synthetically produced drugs which, according to their chemical structure, did not initially fall under drug legislation and were thus legally traded and consumed until they were legally registered. (see also DD) Designer opiates Designer drugs with effects analogous to heroin, especially derivatives of fentanyl Desoxyn Pervitin (methamphetamine) DET Diethyltryptamine German pennerplatte Plate of green hash devils DOM (STP); Seconal capsules dex / dexer / dexies Dexedrine diet pills Amphetamines dillies Dilaudid dimples LSD Dino Ecstasy tablet embossed with the dinosaur symbol dirt grass low quality marijuana Disco-D Ecstasy ditron Piperidil benzilate dixies Amphetamine; speed djamba Cannabis; marijuana DMT AMT; Dimethyltryptamine DMZ hallucinogen DO Designer opiate DOA PCP base DOB Dimethoxybromamphetmain DOM 4-methyl-2,5-dimethoxy-amphetamine Clap of thunder Crack Don juan cannabis dope Drugs of all kinds, especially narcotics or stimulants dormilona cannabis double blue (s) Dexamyl; Amphetamine Barbiturate Mixture double cross amphetamine double dimples LSD double trouble Combination of different drugs e.g. amobarbital and secobarbital downer Tranquilizers or other sedative drugs downs Barbiturates downtown heroin Dragon LSD paper dream Cover name opium or morphine three-three-six JB 336 (hallucinogen) three-MF Designer drug with effects analogous to heroin driver amphetamine drops Ecstasy tablet duby Marijuana cigarette dummy adulterated drug; Packets filled with powdered milk, salt or some other white powder instead of heroin dust cocaine dynamite Very good quality drug; Combination of heroin and cocaine dyno high quality heroin