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Translation of "study or work" in English

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And if he doesn't want you study or work, yes, good night then.
Are you still between the ages of 26 and 36, study or work You, optimal!

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Are you a journalist, do you research on the topic of media, are studying you regional science or work Are you in an NGO?
Are you a journalist, involved in media research, a college student of Regional Culture Studies, or do you work for an NGO?
And you studying so media studies and working on the side here and in the gym, and ... you take acting classes ...
And so are you studying Media Studies and work here and in the gym, and ... Takeactinglessons ...
It doesn't matter if you study English abroad studying or Are you only traveling, there are ways to combat homesickness during the holidays.
Whether you're studying English abroad or just traveling during December of January, there are a number of ways to combat the homesick holiday blues.
Then start your project and mention in the short description whether you are currently at the ZHdK studying or when you studied and what study it is.
In the short description, you need to indicate whether you are currently enrolled at ZHdK or whether you are a former student (year) and what subject you were / are studying.
Maybe you want to be a musician or work at some point somewhere with Klingons.
Do you write your songs all yourself or work you with other writers?
Do you write all your songs yourself or you are working with other authors?
Or work you by the way for the secret service?
Are you still living? or work You already Since the invention of the Internet, we have not only been available online almost everywhere, the line between working and living is also becoming increasingly blurred.
Are you still living or already working? Since the launch of the Internet we are not only available more or less everywhere online, but the line dividing work and living has become increasingly blurred.
Are you married or work you still on the road?
Are you married or quiet working your way west?
You often play with the edge angle or work with the lower body to create a stronger turning movement, reduce speed and adjust the direction at the same time.
You may need to soften your edge angle at times and throw in a stronger pivot / rotational move with the lower body in order to scrub speed and adjust direction at the same time.
I would have called you, but you never said where you lived or work.
I would have called you, except you never told me where you lived or worked.
Or work you keep going in a cafe like a homeless man?
Or are you still working out of a coffee shop booth like a homeless person?
Or work Do you work on the concept and the product in parallel?
Or do you work on the concept and the product in parallel?
Or work Do you prefer to wear 'grown-up' socks? ;-))
Or do you prefer to work with 'adult' socks? ;-))
If you don't think about it, don't wander around, don't socialize with others or work - you will regret it anyway.
If you do not think, if you do not wander, if you do not frequent company, or if you do not work - you will regret it anyway.
Timo, do you bring your own ideas to the agenda, or work do you mainly work on tasks assigned to you?
Timo, do you bring your own ideas to the table or do you mainly work on tasks that are assigned to you?
Think: do you live to work or work you to live
Think about it: are you living to work or working to live?
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