What do you mean by Open Office

Is Open Office free?

OpenOffice is a copy of the Office of the Microsoft version and only in the surface it is easy to compare with the paid Office 2000/2003/2007/2010!

The private user can certainly achieve good results with OpenOffice, but will be taught better if he uses this program in comparison with the Microsoft version Office.

Beetle versus Mercedes, you get to your destination with both, the only question is how? But joking aside, at the latest when working in a company, vocational school, etc. the difference becomes noticeable.

No vocational school in Germany uses OpenOffice and which company uses this program? Well, the one-man business may need it, but no medium-sized or large companies use OpenOffice. Yes and here is the problem.

You “shoot” yourself at OpenOffice; This program is not that easy either, and then the “misery” begins when you suddenly sit in front of Office2007 or something similar.

You think you know one or the other, from OpenOffice, but you quickly find out that Mr. Bill Gates can do more than the one who thinks OpenOffice is the same as Office !!

The result will be that you throw down OpenOffice and start over. You will find one or the other starting point, you will recognize similarities, but in the end you will not be able to properly integrate yourself into the "mother of all office programs".

And you start all over again. There is no real alternative in the office area. Do you really want to assert yourself in your job etc. there is only one office and that’s from Mr. Gates !! You can still moan about that, amen!