Most flight attendants have a bachelor's degree

Flight attendant / stewardess
Education & profession

As a flight attendant - other names for it areStewardess / steward andFlight attendant - you are completely there for the passengers and make sure that they are completely cared for on their long or short-haul flight and that they feel comfortable. It starts with boarding and the friendly greeting of every single passenger on board the aircraft.
You use loudspeaker announcements to instruct the passengers in the safety precautions and ensure that they are observed. For example, you can check that hand luggage is securely stowed and that seat belts are on. Before the flight, you will inform the guests about the sequence of the flight and explain what measures will be taken in emergency situations. In addition, you provide passengers with important information about their destination country, for example special customs regulations, for example when traveling to the USA. Flight attendants therefore need to have precise information about all aircraft and flight operations.

In addition, you prepare meals for the passengers and serve them - from drinks and small snacks to lunch and dinner. You ask the guests about their wishes and preferences and also accept special requests in a friendly and courteous manner. After meals, you clear tables again and collect dishes, cutlery and packaging. The crew in the cockpit also wants to be supplied with meals and drinks. After landing, you say goodbye to the passengers as they get off the plane.