What is J Hope from BTS's Secret

BTS reveal their secrets

The members of the boy band BTS revealed their greatest secrets to their Japanese Fan Magazine.

BTS, the boy band which was founded in 2013, consists of the seven members Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, Suga and RM. They are currently promoting their current single “Dynamite” and very soon they will be showing more details of their comeback with “BE”. Although the fans love to see their performers smiling and happy on stage while having fun at the same time, the sad thing is that they, like everyone else, have worries, insecurities, disagreements and fears. The members of BTS conducted a lengthy interview for the Japanese fan cafe, where they talked about various questions about their careers and personal lives. Of course, there were also aspects that the idols of Big Hit Entertainment prefer to keep secret and not reveal to the public.

The secrets of the BTS guys

The oldest BTS member, Jin, said that he enjoys his days off a lot because he sleeps up to 12 hours a day. RM, the leader of the Bangtan Boys, commented that in the general information he stated his weight is only 68 kilograms, but in reality he weighs 74 kilograms. J-Hope explained that although people think he is quite a cheerful person, he is someone who thinks a lot, analyzes and has a serious personality who always makes decisions in advance. Suga, on the other hand, said that he used his free time to think, because he hardly drinks coffee anymore, but has opted for water. He also focuses on learning the English language. Jungkook confessed that he bought a virtual reality game a few days ago, but couldn't enjoy it because he hadn't configured the purchase. Jimin said he was not someone who had secrets or feelings to hide. Even if he tries to prevent it. He also takes nutritional supplements. V said he really enjoys hanging out with ARMY, playing games, interacting on social media and making all of his fans happy.