Have sex with passengers via drivers

Uber drivers had oral sex in front of customers

With the cell phone in hand, things got down to business under the wheel: a US overdriver did not let his passenger disturb him during oral sex.
"On Sunday, July 16, I experienced the most dangerous and inappropriate Uber trip of all time," begins a letter of complaint to the driver service.

So far nothing unusual, but the spicy details are tough: An Uber driver in Chicago had a woman orally masturbate in front of his passenger.

Completely drunk

Aner Manuel from Boston, Massachusetts, had been to Chicago to view apartments for a planned move. When the young man was about to drive home from a stroll through town at around 3 a.m., he called himself an Uber.

When he got into the vehicle he had ordered at 2.43 a.m., he noticed an unknown woman in the passenger seat. "Probably a relative," he thought to himself, paying no further attention to her. When the car finally began to move, the employee began the most bizarre taxi ride of his life.

Comment now Oral sex on video

The passenger was apparently completely drunk: she could no longer sit upright and even tried to open the car door. Then she turned to the driver and began to grope and kiss him. "I think the driver thought that I was too drunk to notice anything," said Manuel to "Esquire". That was not the case, however, and the Boston man pulled out his cell phone and documented the uninhibited action on video.

Fuck @Uber for providing me with the most unsafe and dangerous ride home last night. This driver had a random prostitute in the front seat. pic.twitter.com/Wi2YhtRINq— Aner Martino (@ AnerMartino1) July 17, 2017

It didn't stop at snogging, however: the woman soon began to lasciviously tugging at the driver's belt. "No!" Can be heard the defensive voice of the driver. However, the man did not remain too steadfast, because shortly afterwards oral sex began to the fullest.

$ 10 horror ride coupon

The passenger's composure was over: Manuel instructed the driver to let him out immediately. After exactly eight minutes, the horror trip was over.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," the handlebar is said to have stammered several times while driving, but he did not actively prevent the sex action, said the shocked Bostonian. In the end, the driver also had the guts to ask for a good rating of his service in the Uber app.

He definitely didn't get that. Less than an hour later, Manuel contacted the complaints hotline. But instead of taking action, customer service fobbed him off with a $ 10 travel voucher and a hollow promise to investigate.

For four days the company didn't make a sound. The young American then posted the video directly on Uber's Facebook page.

Meanwhile, the pig driver should no longer work as an Uber driver. (rcp)

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