What is the history of Challenger Banking

Yapeal can now also use cryptocurrencies

The Neo-Bank is starting with Bitcoin - the cooperation with the crypto startup Relai gives Yapeal customers access to cryptocurrencies. Continue reading

Thomas Hilgendorff on the current state of affairs at Yapeal and the goals of the strategic partnership between Yapeal and Abacus

How a neo-bank and a software manufacturer want to disrupt the finance and software industry and what role SMEs and banks play in this. Continue reading

Claudio Hintermann on the investment in Yapeal and the goals of the strategic partnership between Abacus and Yapeal

How a software manufacturer and a neo-bank want to build "THE" solution for the 21st century and why Claudio Hintermann sees a "tsunami" coming. Continue reading

Remarkable move: Abacus software company is Yapeal's new "Best Financial Friend"

ERP manufacturer Abacus Research is investing several million francs in the Swiss challenger bank Yapeal - this opens up explosive prospects. Continue reading

Neo-Bank Yapeal uses eBill to digitally transfer invoices to their customers' account app

Anyone who can resist the charm of paper, at least when it comes to invoices, now also pays digital invoices directly in Yapeal's e-banking system. Continue reading

The Neo-Bank Yapeal can now also provide pillar 3a provision - and why other providers will follow suit

FinTechs and traditional banks secure a piece of the pension pie with 3a products, smartphone apps and low fees - new: the Neo-Bank Yapeal. Continue reading

The price model of the Neo-Bank Yapeal: Between "Private" and "Let's stick together" offer

At first glance, Yapeal's account offers are priced as expected - at second glance, they are not. Continue reading

News from the FinTechs, Neos and Challenger banks

Viac brings insurance for free, the neo-bank Yapeal completes the mobile trio with Samsung Pay and Challenger Neon is happy about strong growth. Continue reading

The neo-bank Yapeal can now also use Apple Pay

Yapeal's Visa debit card is now also compatible with Apple Pay, while FinTech has activated the additional mobile payment option for its customers. Continue reading

Vontobel secures technology from Yapeal and invests in FinTech

The bank's statement apparently also incorporates Yapeal's innovative technology into its "going ahead" plans. Continue reading

The Neo-Bank Yapeal is officially launched

Yapeal had already covered the first miles before the start - well over a thousand alpha testers used and tested the app "sharply" in the market for months. Continue reading

Cool feature from Yapeal: Personalized IBAN for all customers

Without an IBAN, nothing works in payment transactions. With the personalized IBAN from Yapeal it doesn't work better, but it is easier - and above all: much more personal. Continue reading

FinTech commitment: Visa positions itself as a partner of the startups Penta, Solaris Bank, Yapeal and Zuper

Card organizations have long had their sights on FinTechs as partners with a future - Visa is staging four FinTechs and laying the groundwork for further partnerships. Continue reading

The first FinTech license in Switzerland goes to the Challenger bank Yapeal

The premiere: Yapeal is the first FinTech to officially launch on the Swiss market with the new FinTech license. Continue reading

Cooperation between Yapeal and Vereign - for a coffee with Andy Waar, Patrick Schöni and Georg Greve

If two FinTechs are sitting at the same table, we at MoneyToday.ch join us - which is what connects Yapeal and Vereign. Continue reading

ECO on the subject: Why neo-banks have a difficult position in Switzerland

Contribution of the business magazine ECO on the Swiss financial center, FinTechs, challenger and crypto banks and why Switzerland is falling behind. Continue reading

Christian Meier on the financial center of the future

Visions shape the development of industries and technologies. Eight visionaries ensure that the Swiss financial sector moves forward. Continue reading

Yapeal's way to enter the market with the #Yapster community

Andy Waar on the values ​​of Yapeal, the Yapeal community, the test phase with the alpha group and the next milestones. Continue reading

Andy Waar on the future of digital Switzerland

In our series we focus on the digital makers in Switzerland - today on Andy Waar. Continue reading

When the Challenger banks come ...

... the community listens carefully. It was worth it last Wednesday for a number of reasons. Notes on the SFTA event "The Challenger Banks are coming". Continue reading

FinTech: Where does the Swiss digital bank Yapeal stand today?

A lot has been done, a lot has happened and the Challenger Bank is currently working on important decisions - an update on the state of affairs at Yapeal. Continue reading

Yapeal's face

How is a digital bank formed that makes a strong start to enter the market? Continue reading

Big techs and FinTechs are becoming more visible in the financial sector

Not long ago, we described Big Tech plans as more of a presumed possibility for the future. A quick look at the signs of the times, which are now condensed and appear almost in packs. Continue reading

Digital banks: the fastest onboarding comes from Yapeal

The process is conceived differently, developed from scratch - and it is convincing. How the Neo-Bank Yapeal takes new customers on board. Continue reading

About FinTechs with a banking license, the importance of open banking and the Swiss banking center as an arena

Revolut recently acquired a European banking license. What will this change for Neo-Bank customers? Why is the Swiss banking center becoming an arena? And what does that have to do with a puzzle and open banking? Continue reading

Andy Waar and Christian R. Meier from Yapeal on an ambitious project

In the interview: Why Switzerland needs a neo-bank, how it defines the new banking, what to expect from a Yapster and why Yapeal focuses on the community with "Family & Friends". Continue reading

Yapeal defines the new banking and takes the community on board

Yapeal is building a bank that will redefine the banking of the future where a large community can observe how the Neo-Bank is created - and has a say. We visited the "Yapeal-makers" at their headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. Continue reading

Yapeal defines the new banking and takes the community on board

With Yapeal, a bank is being built that will redefine the banking of the future. A large community can watch how the Neo-Bank is created - and have a say. We visited the Yapsters from the very beginning. Continue reading