Why wasn't Jesus a warlord like Muhammad?

Islam critic Hamed Abdel-Samad settles accounts with the prophet

The German-Egyptian author Hamed Abdel-Samad wants to cause unrest, he says. He calls on Muslims to take a critical look at their religion, to question their structures and foundations, which they perceive as sacrosanct, to reinterpret and adapt them to today's living conditions. That got him a lot of trouble and a lot of enemies. His book “Islamic Fascism” (Droemer 2014) resulted in a fatwa, a religious legal opinion, demanding that he be murdered. Abdel-Samad had to go into hiding. But he was not silent. The 43-year-old lives under police protection. His new book goes one step further. This time the object of his criticism is the prophet himself. “Mohammed - Eine Abrechnung” (Droemer, 224 pages, 19.99 euros) will be published next Thursday. A conversation about hubris, paranoia, religious madness and the gigantic influence of a person who has been dead for 1400 years.

The world: You say you would like to finally bury the Islamic prophet Mohammed. What do you mean by that?

Hamed Abdel-Samad: Mohammed died 1,400 years ago, but he was never really buried. He is still one of the most powerful people in the 21st century. It still rules and is a role model for 1.4 billion Muslims, both peaceful and violent. All get their legitimation from his texts and traditional deeds. His rules are followed even by non-Muslims: he must not be criticized or drawn. And we take part. I do not accept that. Mohammed and what he did was never critically examined. Nobody dares to see him as a person in his time with all his weaknesses, illnesses, doubts and self-doubts. It is time to settle accounts with him and bury him in his time. He doesn't deserve that admiration, and he doesn't deserve that power in the 21st century either.

The world: They judge the prophet harshly, calling him a “morbid tyrant”, a “narcissist”, “paranoid” and even a “mass murderer”. Many even moderate Muslims will not like that ...

Abdel-Samad: I am assuming a multiple illness resulting from his personal history and which the Muslims have absorbed. Narcissism and paranoia very often have their origin in feelings of inferiority, rejection, rejection. Mohammed was rejected many times as a child. He did not know his father, his mother gave him away and died when he was six years old. He had no models, knew no love, no tenderness, no recognition. In this way a personality was formed that suffered from the need to control, fear of loss and paranoia. This also explains why Mohammed married so many women and collected them like dolls. His need for recognition was also the cause of receiving a divine revelation. He certainly wasn't lying or copying. He really had an inspiration that he was only able to receive because he was in such unstable condition. He made a virtue out of necessity.