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Irritating skin. How to treat purulent skin inflammation effectively and gently


1 Irritant skin How to treat purulent skin inflammation effectively and gently

2 Dear Reader, You know it: After a shave, small, inflamed pimples suddenly appear. Or: You have sweated and feel a pus-filled pod at the hairline. And unfortunately, you've also had the experience that the small nodules can develop into large, painful nodules over time. But it doesn't have to be! Discovered early, purulent skin inflammations such as abscesses, boils or carbuncles, can be treated gently but effectively with natural active ingredients in herbal medicines. At Cesra Arzneimittel, we believe that the subject of skin abscesses & Co. needs to be dealt with in a more understandable manner. Because: the more you know about it, the sooner you can counteract the development of inflammatory skin processes yourself or actively treat them and all of this naturally! With the contents of this brochure, we want to provide you with background knowledge and valuable tips on how to keep your skin healthy and how to treat it. We hope you enjoy reading. Your team from Cesra Arzneimittel in Baden-Baden Cesra Arzneimittel is part of the Redel Foundation, which has been active in the humanitarian field worldwide for over 20 years. A significant part of the profit goes directly to this good cause. With the purchase or recommendation of preparations from Cesra you support the Redel Foundation and make your personal contribution to medicine and humanity. Cesra products work in two ways: For your health and against the suffering of people in need! Learn more under 2

3 Table of contents Our skin: a world of its own ... 4 Bacteria: harmless or dangerous? It depends! ... 8 Trend: body shaving Risks of purulent skin inflammation Weak defense, strong germs Sweating: opens the pore and the germs the gates! Do not sit out skin irritation! When the skin world is no longer whole pus? Yuck! Treating too late can be uncomfortable. Larch turpentine Protects the skin but not the pus! Active ingredients pull together Green formula for skin inflammation How can the healing process proceed with ilon abscess ointment? What to do? What not! Properly shaving minimizes the dangers! Do not take special care with the intimate shave! Otherwise ... ilon abscess ointment: product information content 3

4 Our skin: a world of its own Important multi-layered areas At 1.5 2 m², the skin is the largest human organ. However, it is not just a simple protective layer, but a multi-layered, complex structure with numerous important components and functions. An ecosystem of its own On every square centimeter of our skin, around three million skin bacteria cavort most densely in the area of ​​the sweat and sebum glands. The skin contains blood vessels, hair and their roots, as well as sweat and sebum glands. Finger and toenails and the hair on the scalp are also part of the skin. our skin 4

5 Slightly acidic, easily injured, highly flammable! The skin has a ph value of 5.7. Chemically, it's slightly acidic and that's a good thing. Why? This protective acid mantle prevents germs and pathogens from penetrating deeper skin layers. The skin ecosystem is sensitive and can be damaged quickly: Wrong and excessive care and trendy body cults often disrupt the natural acid protection and dry out the skin. External influences and germs have an easier time. 5

6 What do sebum and sweat glands actually do? The various layers of skin and the protective acid mantle are important components in the sophisticated skin system. But there are also useful weak points, such as Sebum and sweat glands make sense because they are extremely functional, weak points because pathogens can also penetrate through them. Epidermis (upper skin) Basal membrane Corium (leather skin) Blood vessels Sweat glands form the body's own cooling system! Sweat is an unwanted companion in everyday life. But sweat glands are extremely important in maintaining a healthy body temperature. The evaporation cold of the sweat on the skin protects the organism from overheating. our skin 6

7 sebum glands keep the skin elastic! Apart from the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet, sebum glands are distributed almost throughout the skin. They ensure that the skin does not dry out and remains elastic. The sebum glands produce 1 2 g of sebum daily and push it over the hair to the surface of the skin. The older we get, the less sebum production becomes, and that makes the skin drier and therefore more vulnerable! Hair shaft Hair follicle (hair follicle) Hair muscle Hair root Hair bulb Hair papilla 7

8 bacteria: harmless or dangerous? Depends on! Harmless skin bacteria: on the skin! Most of the tiny bacterial inhabitants of the skin are completely harmless. But there are also bacteria that can be dangerous under certain circumstances. These include the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus. If this bacterium is given the opportunity to spread, it can cause purulent skin inflammation. Dangerous skin bacteria: in the skin! Bacteria are also called germs, and germs don't sleep! Even harmless inhabitants of the skin surface, germs can become unpleasant under certain circumstances. Even the smallest injuries to the skin allow bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus to penetrate deeper areas of the skin and cause purulent inflammation there. Bacteria 8

9 injury? I didn't notice anything. The tiny injuries themselves often go unnoticed, for example when shaving, so the pathogens can lodge undisturbed and trigger the inflammatory process. Only reddened pimples or sore skin are evidence of a previous injury. Smallest skin injuries by ... shaving body hair removal methods small cuts splinters / flakes abrasions skin cracks manicure pedicure too short cut fingernails / toenails ... open the door to germs! 9

10 Trend: Body Shaving Are you following the trend and shaving your body? Do you also know the danger zones for skin irritation after shaving? Because: Thorough care can also destroy thoroughly. Hygiene is important, but please take the right amount! Too frequent showering and bathing can destroy the protective acid mantle of the skin, i.e. our outer protective shield against germs. Body shaves are in vogue, but: A shave can not only impair the protective acid mantle, but also cause small injuries to be an invitation for pathogens that cause purulent skin symptoms. Typically women, female skin danger zones: armpits, legs, genital area Typically men, male skin danger zones: beard area, back, chest, buttocks, intimate area, body shave 10

11 Risky Hair Removal: Multiple Methods, One Risk! There are many hair removal options. But they are the same in one point: No method is without the risk of skin irritation or purulent skin inflammation! Wet shaving: the most widespread and practical method High potential for irritation to the skin from cuts! Waxing, Arabic halawa, epilation: painful depilation methods in which the hair is gripped and torn out along with the roots. All three methods pose a high risk of hair follicle inflammation because germs can penetrate the hair shaft. Depilatory cream: Hair removal using chemical depilatory creams Very risky because of their pronounced irritant potential. After each hair removal, the skin can become irritated. Pimples or purulent inflammation can result. It doesn't have to go that far: ilon Abscess Ointment can effectively prevent the spread of such skin symptoms through its disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect if it is applied thinly directly after hair removal! 11

12 Risks for purulent skin inflammation Weak defense, strong germs A weak immune system favors the development of purulent skin processes. Physical or emotional stress, a diet low in vitamins, too little sleep or a generally unhealthy lifestyle with too much nicotine and alcohol are bad prerequisites for a healthy defense. Chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus also permanently weaken the body's defenses. purulent skin inflammation 12

13 Sweating: opens the pore and germs the gates! Heavy sweating, such as during exercise, expands the pores. This makes it easier for germs to penetrate deeper into the skin and trigger inflammation there. Do not sit out skin irritation! Do you have a sedentary job? This can also lead to purulent skin inflammation. Why? When you sit and wear abrasive clothing, slightly irritated, reddened areas of skin develop in the genital area, on the thighs or on the buttocks. Untreated, this can easily lead to inflammation of the hair follicles or skin abscesses. 13th

14 When the skin world is no longer whole ... pus? Yuck! The word pus causes disgust in most people. But probably everyone has already made the acquaintance of pus. Be it in childhood, when you are often injured, be it through the physical changes during puberty or, of course, as an adult in everyday life. For example, when after shaving, purulent pimples appear on various parts of the body almost overnight, where smooth skin was wanted. What is pus anyway? Pus is ... a natural reaction of the body to a disturbing stimulus from bacteria a liquid that is formed by the body as a defense reaction to inflammation. composed of white blood cells, tissue residues, bacteria and blood components. Treat contagious pus properly 14

15 Where there is pus, drain it there. Ubi pus, ibi evacua Doctors say it in Latin, we say it in German: pus must be removed! Why? Because pus causes pain from pressure and can become the starting point of dangerous blood poisoning! Accumulations of pus must completely disappear from the focus of inflammation so that there is no renewed infection with pus formation! All purulent inflammations associated with pus are traditionally referred to as abscesses. Depending on the appearance, the purulent inflammation, the abscess, has other names: Purulent pimples: Inflammatory, rounded or pointed, pus-filled, small elevations of the skin Boils: Encapsulated pus accumulation Hair folliculitis: Pustules / nodules on the skin around the hair Carbuncle: Several inflammations of the hair follicles next to each other, which can also flow together. Inflammation of the sweat glands: inflammation of the glands after invasion of bacteria. Therefore, pimples and other purulent inflammations should be taken seriously. If it is discovered too late, taking antibiotics can usually be helpful, and a minor surgical procedure may be necessary. In any case, a pharmacist or doctor should be consulted in good time. Therefore: Be vigilant yourself earlier in order to be able to treat gently yourself. 15th

16 Larch turpentine Turpentine is the name given to the fresh resin flows from various conifers. They are mixtures of resin and essential oils that belong to the balms. These natural substances are specially cleaned in order to meet the high pharmaceutical requirements. Larch turpentine 16

17 But don't go easy on the skin! In medicine, turpentine is used to cleanse wounds. The good-smelling larch turpentine is used in ilon abscess ointment. Pulling together: the active ingredients in ilon abscess ointment and their properties larch turpentine: stimulates circulation and disinfects purified turpentine oil: anti-inflammatory essential oils made from rosemary, eucalyptus and thyme oil as well as thymol: soothing, disinfectant, antibacterial and anti-parasitic! White petroleum jelly with beeswax, oleic and stearic acid: well-tolerated ointment base that covers the skin well and thus protects against the penetration of new pathogens. 17th

18 Green formula for skin inflammation: promote blood circulation! Pull out pus! Inhibit inflammation! Soothe the skin! The herbal complex of active ingredients gives ilon Abscess Ointment its typical transparent green color. This green formula powerfully pulls the pus out of the depths of the inflammation, swelling and pressure go back immediately and the inflammation pain is soothed. Together, this causes a faster healing process with good skin tolerance. The transparent green color leaves no permanent stains on the skin, is easy to apply and the green scent of essential oils soothes the skin and the senses. How can the healing process proceed with ilon abscess ointment? the blood circulation is promoted germs and parasites are combated and killed the affected skin area is disinfected the pus is completely pulled out the inflammation is inhibited and heals what can I do myself? Do you know that after shaving your skin is prone to irritation or that you often struggle with purulent skin inflammation? Then apply a thin layer of the transparent-green pull ointment directly after shaving or on the irritated area of ​​skin. The irritated skin is soothed and disinfected, which can prevent the spread of a worse skin inflammation. Due to the transparent-green color of the ointment, the healing process can be easily observed and the fragrant essential oils are wellness for stressed skin. Larch turpentine 18

19 19

20 What to do What not! Shaving properly Minimizing the dangers Wash your hands thoroughly before shaving. Carry out shaves calmly and carefully Do not shave with blunt blades Do not share razor blades with other people Apply shaving foam or shaving gel to achieve a better sliding effect of the razor Use the shaver in the direction of hair growth! Do not press the razor too hard! Soothe shaved skin with ilon abscess ointment to prevent redness and pimples. Take special care when shaving your intimate area Use a razor with a swing head and at least one double blade for intimate shaving. Do not share razors with people Bacteria and germs lurk! Apply mild shaving foam, shower gel, hair conditioner or olive oil to the hair as a lubricant and emollient. Use a mirror. Use a long hair trimmer or comb and scissors to trim the hair. After shaving, apply a disinfecting and anti-inflammatory ointment (ilon abscess ointment) to prevent irritation and pimples. What to do? What not! 20th

21 Don't! Otherwise ... not too hot, not too often and not too long! Otherwise the pores will open excessively and open the door for pathogens. Do not use too much soap! Otherwise the skin's natural protective acid mantle will be destroyed. Do not press on pustules! Otherwise bacteria could be pressed even deeper into the tissue. Do not apply cream with drying care products! These make the skin brittle and make it easier for bacteria to penetrate. Do not tear off the small pieces of skin around the nails! Otherwise, the wound will deepen, be very painful and also form an ideal entry point for germs. Do not cut too deep into the corners for manicures and pedicures! There is a risk of a cut. Do not wear everyday clothes that are too tight! This can lead to folliculitis and abscess formation in the genital area and on the thighs. Do not do sports without breathable sportswear! A build-up of sweat increases the permeability of the upper skin layer. Do not bathe in public baths with fresh skin wounds! There is a risk of infection. 21

22 Vegetable, clean, strong: ilon abscess ointment The green pull ointment has a threefold effect ... it pulls out pus powerfully it is anti-inflammatory, as it is antibacterial it has a pain-relieving effect And at the same time ... it is purely vegetable it smells pleasantly of essential oils it is Excellent skin compatibility Helps with ... Abscesses Boils Carbuncles Panaritia Sweat gland inflammation Tip: Also ideal for use after shaving You can find more about skin inflammation under: Product information 22

23 Relieves the inflammation and tension pain in purulent skin inflammation The active ingredient complex of natural larch turpentine and purified turpentine oil pulls the pus powerfully, is antibacterial, inhibits inflammation and thus has a pain-relieving effect. Essential oils from rosemary, eucalyptus and thyme promote complete emptying and ensure excellent skin tolerance. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about: ilon abscess ointment Medicines for a gentle treatment of purulent skin processes Active ingredient complex: natural larch turpentine, purified turpentine oil, essential oils 25 g ointment N1 PZN g ointment N2 PZN g ointment N3 PZN ilon abscess ointment for use in abscesses , Boils, carbuncles, panaritia and inflammation of the sweat glands. For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist. Cesra Arzneimittel GmbH & Co.KG, P.O. Box 2020, Baden-Baden, 23

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