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Bitcoin payment discontinued: Microsoft wants "real, stable" money

Microsoft surprised in 2014 with the decision to initially only allow Bitcoins as payment for digital purchases in the USA. Then some interruptions followed. Now the group has deactivated the payment option again. The Redmond group has canceled the "Bitcoin" payment option for the time being - assumptions suggest that the decision was made due to the sharp fluctuations in exchange rates. As the online magazine The Next Webin has learned, the stop could once again be a break in the acceptance of Bitcoins. A Microsoft employee, who claims to be familiar with the decisions, told The Next Web that it was a temporary stop. A final decision has not yet been made. Infographic: The Bitcoin Boom

The experiment could go on

This is not the first time that the company has temporarily stopped paying with Bitcoin since the option was launched in 2014. In 2016, there were repeated reports that Microsoft wanted to end the payment option known as the "experiment". A few times the option then disappeared from the Microsoft Store, only to go online again without restrictions and without changes.

Bitcoin's volatility has probably been too much of a risk for Microsoft over the past few months. In the last three months alone, the price has fluctuated between 10,000 and 20,000 US dollars - and there is no end to the ups and downs in sight. It is therefore clear that Microsoft cannot react so quickly to the fluctuations.

error message

According to MSPowerUser, anyone trying to make a transaction with Bitcoin currently receives the following error message:

"You can no longer redeem Bitcoin for your Microsoft account. Existing funds in your account can still be used for purchases in the Microsoft Store, but cannot be refunded."

However, the support page for adding Bitcoin to a Microsoft account is still active and unchanged so far, the most recent changes were made last summer. If the page is changed soon, we will know more.

Update:Microsoft is accepting bitcoins again.

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