Is ice skating just like inline skating

Ice Skating vs. Rollerblading - Which One Is Harder?

I am often asked by my readers: is ice skating easier to learn or roller skating?

So today I'm going to do an in-depth comparison of ice skating vs. roller skating and try to answer that question with some solid facts.

Ice skating vs. rollerblading

When it comes to the history of these two sports, ice skating goes back a thousand years while roller skating, only a few hundred years old, emerged from ice skating. While there are many similarities between the two, they also have differences such as the skating surface and the construction of the shoes.

If you look at the ice skates, they have a blade-like bottom that glides on the ice, while there are a number of wheels on roller skates. But both look very similar!

But to answer the question of which one is easy, I'd say roller skates. The reason for this is the ease of learning them. It doesn't matter if you are young or old, you can learn inline skating easily.

The main reason they're a better option than ice skating is how well they're made for recreational use and what rigid support they provide for the feet and ankles.

Also, the wheels of the roller skates extend further forward and backward, which helps balance you forward and backward at the same time. In addition, the long wheelbase offers better control. In the case of ice skating, the base is very thin and it takes quite a while to learn how to balance.

Many skaters who fear side-to-side stability can easily overcome it by roller-skating as the wide wheelbase provides more stability.

More stability will make you feel more confident and have the confidence to skate at a good pace.

Here are some more differences between the two different types of skates:


The way you stop is probably the main difference between ice skating and roller skating. When roller skating, there is a built-in brake on the heel to help you stop. But you can also pull your back foot or even turn strongly backwards with your body weight.

There is no built-in brake in ice skating, and you have to keep your weight more towards the center of the blades. That way, you can use that particular section of the blades to beautifully shave and eventually stop the ice. It's not easy as it may seem because shifting your weight too much on either side will unbalance you and result in a bad fall.


As mentioned earlier, inline skates have a wider wheelbase, which provides good balance and helps you learn to roller skate easily. Also, roller skates have multiple locking systems that secure your feet in place and help build confidence to skate.

While ice skating has a thin blade under the shoe and balancing is quite difficult. It takes quite a while to master, and stopping is even more difficult.


Streets, parking lots, sidewalks and ice rinks. Both sports have different surfaces. While ice skating is difficult to learn, a separate playground created just for this purpose makes it safe.

When roller skating, you can run on streets or parking lots, but you never know when there will be a hole, crack, obstacle, or uneven spot and it is easy to lose your balance and injure yourself badly.

The ice surface is regularly smoothed and cleared, which makes it safe.

What else?

When it comes to calorie expenditure, heart rate, and breathing, both sports have the same aerobic value. The ways you move, step, do tricks, and other things are pretty much the same and require a whole body exertion. Ice skating can be done year round as it is an indoor sport, while roller skating can be restricted in extremely hot weather conditions.

Total comfort

Generally, ice skating is done over the ice surface and that gives you a better experience. Your legs and feet will feel smooth and will not be subjected to sudden shocks. Roller skating is convenient too, but not as much as ice skating. If it's a slippery surface, don't worry, but rough terrain can cause serious damage to your legs and feet. I suggest you read our article on the best brands of inline skates to learn more about them!