How many Lamborghinis are there in Bangalore

13.01.2021 - 09:57

Market launch in India: Tesla founds subsidiary in Bangalore

The imminent launch of Tesla in India, announced by an Indian minister in late December, is taking shape. The electric car manufacturer has founded a subsidiary there under the name "Tesla India Motors and Energy Private Limited".

The company, which was founded a few days ago, is based in Bangalore, capital of the southern Indian state of Karnataka and the center of Indian high-tech industry. This comes from information on the website of the Indian Ministry of Economic Affairs. India's "Business Today" specifies that three directors have been named for Tesla India Motors, two of whom hold high positions at the parent company Tesla.

Various media speculates that this line-up, along with earlier evidence, suggests that Tesla is also toying with local production in India. According to "Business Today", several states are said to have offered Tesla locations for a possible gigafactory in the country. Among other things, from the state of Karnataka it is said that there are currently talks.

Shortly before the end of 2020, the minister responsible for transport in the Indian cabinet, Nitin Gadkari, told "The Indian Express" that Tesla was in business the country at the beginning of 2021: Tesla will initially start selling imported vehicles and, depending on demand, is also considering production in India. The start of orders for the Model 3 in India could already take place in a few weeks, but deliveries are not expected to start until the second half of 2021.,

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