There was another attack in Paris

He "couldn't stand" the Mohammed cartoons : Suspect admits knife attack in Paris

After the attack in front of the former offices of the French satirical newspaper "Charlie Hebdo" in Paris, the police arrested two other suspects on Saturday. According to information from legal circles, it is a brother and an acquaintance of the main suspect. A total of nine suspects are now in custody. The investigators now assume, however, that the alleged attacker committed the act alone.

The main suspect had previously confessed to the crime. The man arrested after the attack was taking "responsibility for his act," said investigators on Saturday.

As a motive he named the republication of controversial Mohammed caricatures by "Charlie Hebdo", which he "could not stand".

In front of the former headquarters of the "Charlie Hebdo" editorial office, an attacker attacked two journalists from an agency with a cleaver on Friday and seriously injured them. A short time later, the main suspect was arrested near the crime scene. According to his own statements, he is 18 years old and comes from Pakistan.

In addition to the main suspect, six other men were in police custody on Saturday morning. An Algerian who was initially arrested was released that night because, according to the investigation, he had nothing to do with the attack.

France's Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin classified the act as an Islamist terrorist act on Friday evening. The terror network Al-Qaeda had previously threatened an attack because of the republication of controversial Mohammed cartoons by "Charlie Hebdo".

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The two injured had left the operating room on Friday evening and were now in two different hospitals, said one of the bosses of the production company, Luc Hermann, the broadcaster Franceinfo.

“You were badly injured in the face. The attack was incredibly violent, ”said Hermann. “There was a real willingness to kill.” Hermann criticized the fact that the building was not protected in January 2015 during the trial against alleged helpers of the terror series, which had been ongoing since the beginning of September.

The trial of alleged helpers of the terror series in January 2015 has been going on in Paris since the beginning of December. At that time a total of 17 people were killed over several days - it all began with a murderous attack on the editorial team of “Charlie Hebdo. She then moved to a secret location. (AFP, dpa)

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