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Hello, I'm looking for a simple circuit simulator or some kind of virtual breadboard. I've already clicked through a few, but they couldn't fulfill what I'm looking for. The whole thing should be kept as simple as possible and the following should be done: Input signals: DC voltage (plus, ground, minus), sine, square outputs: Probe that outputs the value there Components: Simple, passive parts: R, C, L, potentiometer, switch, if necessary ne diode, (LED) Should just go to "plug together". And then plug and play, so you don't have to wait around to see something. So, that you can adjust the control of the potentiometers during operation to see what is happening (just like switches) (the transitions do not have to be perfect and precise for this) Everything I had in my hands now requires that After setting up the circuit, you first set up the sources in a "complicated" manner, define cumbersome signal tapping points and configure the diagrams. Too long too cumbersome too complicated;) And could usually not change the values ​​during the simulation. (without wanting to offend anyone now, so that even an AHS student in the lower grades can understand it after a brief introduction)

So that one can estimate a little better what is "complicated" for you, it would be helpful to know which specific programs you have already viewed as such. How about e.g. with LTSpice? I suppose this is too complicated by your standards?

Well, what I've tested so far (and otherwise used sensibly) were PSPICE sahcne (OrCAD). But that's just too time-consuming sometimes. and above all not quick and easy to understand for everyone. This applet doesn't look interesting. Only the handling is a horror, I have to say :( Whether you get a satisfactory result without clicking yourself dead ... ... Oh, somehow I think you can't create your own? I have to see this crocodile how to get this to work

Try the old EWB Electronics Workbench from Interactive Image Technologies Ltd. (it should be relatively easy to download somewhere (is from 1995 or so)) Nowadays it is called Multisim, it is from National Instruments, expensive and no longer that simple.

How about LTSpice? You can start slowly with the basics, but then do really professional simulations. And there are no limits, like with TINA TI. Sincerely, Valentin Buck

So now has to try everyone out. But a feeling creeps up on me now. That it doesn't work with the simple live output;) Thanks in advance

I use an old version of Crocodile Technology for quick circuit construction. Its successor is called Yenka (http://www.yenka.com/de/Yenka_Elektronik) and is also available as a free home license.

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