Merging the same questions into one question

Link questions together

Linking questions is relatively easy: When Compile a questionnaire the questions are drawn into the questionnaire. Then you select the display settings for the first question with the -Stud. There you specify that the following question should be appended without any space.

You have to confirm this setting with the green tick. Finished.

In the second example, a small gap of 4 pixels was left between the dropdown input fields so that the input fields are visually different from each other. In addition, it was set for the questions below that the (possibly existing) title and the explanation are not displayed.

The drop-down questions themselves were for the Arrangement of leader and input field the option "side by side" selected.

The same result can be achieved much more clearly with just a few lines of PHP code:

question ('CC04', 'spacing = 4'); // Dropdown 1 question ('CC05', 'show-title = no', 'show-explanation = no', 'spacing = 4'); // Dropdown 2 question ('CC06', 'show-title = no', 'show-explanation = no'); // Dropdown 3

Note: If you want to hang questions together, you have to pay special attention to the dimensions. In the first example, the width of the text input labels had to be adjusted to the scale. In the second example, all of the dropdowns for the input field had to use the same width.