How have new media supported graphic design

Graphic design: what exactly is it and what are the tasks of a graphic designer?

Graphic design: what exactly is it?

Graphic design is basically about representing ideas visually. With the help of images, typography, colors, graphics and more, information is prepared for the eye. A graphic designer takes on exactly this task. He takes care of the design of graphic communication media and the web presence of his customers.

He is therefore equally dedicated to print and electronic media or specializes in a certain area. In the beginning, graphic designers mainly dealt with posters, brochures and magazines. From the 1980s onwards, electronic media were increasingly added. Working with websites, apps and digital advertisements is now part of her everyday life.

Compared to an illustrator, graphic designers arrange numerous elements such as images, lettering, graphics and colors to create a coherent overall picture. While an illustrator summarizes and communicates ideas in one image, the graphic designer communicates them using a combination of several visual means. The boundaries between the two professions are often blurred in practice, even though they differ by definition.

The tasks of a graphic designer

The range of duties of a graphic designer is very extensive. So it is hardly surprising that some of them specialize in certain areas. For example, you take care of:

  • Branding
  • Product design
  • Interactive design
  • Layout design
  • Motion graphics

You will find out more about all of these points below.

Emotional ties thanks to the branding

Branding is about summarizing the basic elements of a company in a kind of visual business card. It basically describes the brand's path to becoming the figurehead of a company. Certain products are immediately associated with the relevant company without having to think about it for a long time.

The aim is to stand out with your own offer by conveying messages and emotions with the help of branding. The customer should build a bond and not only recognize a brand based on the logo, but also associate an attitude towards life with it. This is a process that the graphic designer supports. He visually prepares the ideas conveyed by a company so that precisely this bond can arise.

Digital product design: visually appealing and user-friendly at the same time

The term “digital product design” almost goes without saying. The graphic designer dedicates himself to digital products such as websites or apps. This not only requires specialist knowledge in the field of design. Knowledge of how PCs, smartphones and other digital end devices process certain information and how users deal with it is also required.

When it comes to digital product design, it is not only crucial that the end result is visually appealing and that all the necessary information is transmitted. It is also important that the digital product is user-friendly. Points such as clarity and easy website navigation play a very important role here.

With interactive design for a dialogue between man and machine

When it comes to the digital presence of a company, the interactive design should not be forgotten either. Within this framework, the graphic designer works to ensure that the corresponding digital content changes with updates.

It also provides screen interfaces that make it easier for the user to navigate through the website or app. Here, too, knowledge is required that goes beyond pure design. It is important to be able to react appropriately to the actions of the user. Basically, it's about creating a dialogue between man and machine.

This is what we at digicube offer in the area of ​​graphic design

Of course, we at digicube also know how important the visual appearance is for the success of a company. After all, pictures say more than words ever could. But of course we're not just talking about pure visual material.

The way in which a company appears makes it clear what values ​​it represents. The graphic design conveys a message and embodies a certain image. It is all the more important to hand this task over to a professional. We at digicube are at your side with words and deeds in the following areas:

As a young and dynamic team, we know exactly what is important in graphic design and what great importance is ascribed to it. Especially in the age of digitization, this is increasing. We display the right mix of factual know-how, creativity, gut feeling and practical experience. In this way we help you to achieve a design that is optimally tailored to you and your company and that is sure to leave an impression.

Corporate Design

As part of the corporate design, we take care of the appearance of your company. Of course, it should have a high recognition value and appear uniform everywhere. We take that into our own hands and put fonts, colors and your logo in the spotlight.

This design is used uniformly in both visual and written communication. This ensures that your customers can clearly identify you and your company immediately and that there are no uncertainties.

The design of your products, their packaging, advertising elements in print and digital and much more is based on the design. Are you still at the beginning and need a new corporate design or would you like to bring a breath of fresh air to your existing appearance? We at digicube will help you and develop an individual design that appeals to your target group.

Web and app design

When it comes to your company's online presence, the corporate design also forms the basis. But it is also important that both the website and the app are designed and operated in a user-friendly manner. This plays a crucial role in forming the opinion of your potential customers. They consider your website or app to be appealing, and the handling also convinces them, which has a positive influence on the purchase decision. That is why we ensure optimized usability.

Your graphic design in professional hands

Graphic design is ubiquitous in the world of marketing. Is it about designing an ad, creating a website or making a commercial? It doesn't matter, there is no getting around it. For a successful corporate image, it is therefore important to fully exploit the possibilities offered by graphic design.

We at digicube will be happy to advise you and show you what our graphics department has to offer you. Is your company still in its infancy, or is it simply time for something new? We go the way together with you. Please feel free to contact us in various ways.