Firewalls slow down the internet

Here's what to do if your internet is too slow

By Madlen Schäfer | June 06, 2019, 3:24 pm

Is your internet connection too slow? TECHBOOK gives you a few tips to get your WiFi back up to speed.

Do you need a lot of patience when surfing the Internet? Your download takes forever and your favorite series can only be streamed in slow motion? Then it is high time you breathe speed back into your internet. With these tips it is guaranteed to work!

Test speed

To find out whether your Internet is actually too slow, you can do a very simple test: You can measure how fast your Internet really is on a website run by the Federal Network Agency. If the result is well below your expectations, you should take action!

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Delete cookies

If too many cookies have accumulated, these can become a real brake on the speed. You should therefore ensure that you delete your cookies regularly. You can find out how you can do this here.


For the perfect speed it is crucial that you always keep the drivers of your network or WLAN card up to date. If these are out of date, this can have a negative impact on the Internet speed. You can perform driver updates via Windows Update. If there are newer versions of the device drivers, you should install these updates.

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Someone is using your internet

Make sure you protect your router with a password. Otherwise it can happen that your neighbors see this as an invitation to surf your WLAN. Even if that cultivates the neighborly relationship - it paralyzes your speed! The result: you surf significantly slower. You should therefore consider your willingness to help.

Restart the router

It's THE insider tip for all cases: If the Internet does not work properly again, it could be due to the router. It is therefore advisable to switch it off and restart it. If you want to be absolutely sure, it is best to briefly disconnect the router from the power supply.

Check antivirus and firewall

Even those who are supposed to protect us can slow down our internet speed. You should therefore check the settings in your antivirus program or your firewall.

Move router

The wrong choice of router location can also slow down your Internet. If it is too far down or very far away, it affects the reception to the device. In order to be on the Internet faster again, you should set up your router centrally and a little higher in the apartment - then it transmits correctly again between your router and device. You can find more tips on correct router space in this article.

If all these measures do not make your Internet faster, the best thing to do is to contact your provider.

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