Why do people brag about their drinking

Drink, brother, drink

You shouldn't stop drinking,
Drinking rules the world
One shouldn't hate people either,
Who always orders a layer.
Whether beer or wine, whether champagne,
Just let's not brag while drinking, '
Some people have already drank the champagne
And couldn't pay him afterwards.
|: Drink, drink, brother drink,
Leave your worries at home!
|: Avoid the grief and avoid the pain,
Then life is a joke! : | : |

2. Loving, drinking, singing
Creates joy and cheerful courage.
You have to bring one to the women
You are so nice and so good.
Fall in love while you're young
The main thing is you're not blue yet
Because when you are at the nicest drink,
It is very easy to get a wife.
Refrain:3. The Moses who has, not at all bad,
An eleventh commandment still thought up,
But that's not in the Bible
And was so much fun.
It was withheld from us
Because drinking and drinking extol it.
But I, I want to tell you
Yes, do you know what it's called?

4. When you wake up in the morning
And then open your eyes
You are often troubled by worry
Do you start the day run:
Doesn't anyone help you carry them?
And don't you come to rest
On such difficult days
I call you as a friend:

5. With friends, women and songs
Do you often calm your heart
But the grief will soon return,
Pain joins him.
Just as they appear new
The worries, sorrow, pain,
Just don't start crying
Pour yourself a glass: