Fit bangs into any face shape

Which pony is right for me? The best cut for your face shape

Before you worry about the shape of the pony, however, you should first ask yourself the question: "Does a pony suit me at all?" We can reassure you right away: In principle, a pony hairstyle suits everyone - you just have to know which bangs go with which face. With our tips you can easily find out which pony suits you.

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Light forehead fringes or bangs with volume, worn over the forehead or to the side ... Now the question of 'which bangs suits me' is finally over! So that you can go to the hairdresser with confidence in the future, we will show you what you have to consider with your face shape.

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Which pony suits me: heart-shaped face

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The eyes and forehead area is the widest part of the heart-shaped face. The lower half of the face, on the other hand, is much narrower and the chin tapers to a point. Therefore, this face type is particularly flattering on ponies, which make the forehead appear narrower and the chin wider.

A frayed pony with slight steps is therefore particularly suitable. It can also be a side or half pony that is softly graduated to the chin. An absolute no-go, on the other hand, is a French very short pony, this would make the forehead appear even wider.

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Which pony suits me: square face

If you have a square face, you should definitely avoid straight or geometric cuts, otherwise the contours of the face will appear even harder. Loose ponies worn on the side, on the other hand, are perfect for angular faces. A pony with steps, with some strands gently falling onto the face, makes angular faces appear particularly feminine.

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Which pony suits me: oval face

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Good news: women with oval faces can do anything when it comes to bangs! Whether full or fringed, long or short, sideways or straight - whatever is fun is allowed. Basically, however, a pony should end above or below the eyebrows. Eyebrows form the frame for the face, so the bangs should either highlight or hide them.

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Which pony suits me: Round face

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Doubts tend to arise, especially with a round face: Do I really like a pony? Or does it make the already full face look even wider?

The surprising truth is: A round face is visually elongated by long and full bangs. The bangs work best in combination with a tiered cut. You should only make sure that the haircut does not have too much volume at the level of the cheekbones.

Be careful with particularly short ponies! Short, round ponies can also compress the face. A long side-worn fringe, on the other hand, can simulate contours and even highlight the cheekbones to advantage.

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Which bangs suit me: curly and frizzy hair

Danger: With wild curls or frizzy hair, a pony is very maintenance-intensive. So which pony goes well with the natural curl? We recommend: a long sloping pony. When thinned out, it gently plays around the face. So you don't have to blow-dry or straighten your hair every day.

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Still not quite sure of what you are doing? Then you can still get advice from your hairdresser: He can definitely show you which pony hairstyle is right for you and which styling you should rather avoid.